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  1. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    I wrote a guide on how to root the AT&T Huawei Fusion 2,

    1) I would like anyone who has used that and successfully rooted to post letting us know your results/experience with rooting!

    2) If you have used it, or feel the directions weren't clear enough to use, post here.

    ****I would like to use this thread to hear any complaints on the clarity of the instructions as well as your results and afterthoughts on rooting.****

    3) If anyone needs any help after rooting (what to do next?, why did I even root?) Please Private Message me, and don't hesitate. I check this daily, and would love to help YOU have a better experience with your freshly rooted phone! (Or not rooted, in that case PM me if you want help)

    *****My main goal is to hear results, and to let everyone know I am here if you have any questions.*****

    ....POST AWAY!

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  2. allgonoslow

    allgonoslow Member

    Rooted first attempt 2 weeks ago using instructions on xda. (Which I believe is the same instructions?) I've got most of the bloat removed. I appreciate the instructions as well as the work with cwm. Can't wait to see what this snappy little phone is capable of. Will upload some screenshots shortly
  3. allgonoslow

    allgonoslow Member

    Screenshots. Root checker app verifying root access and supersu in app drawer

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  4. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    Allgonoslow way to go!

    Love the screenshots, and I am glad you showed an interest in this thread!

    I thought this would be a cool thread to have but you, and I are the only ones to show interest so far.. :rolleyes:
  5. allgonoslow

    allgonoslow Member

    I normally do watch the xda forums but I think this sight is easier to navigate. I will be setting up my laptop this weekend to start messing with some light theming and Dev. I did manage to get wifi tether working but not exactly sure which file I deleted that made it work for me...once again thank you and robotics for your work so far and anyone else who has been involved with this little gem of a throwaway phone
  6. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    My current theme is using ADW Launcher EX with the Ice Cream Sandwich (theme), I pair that with widget locker and it gives the phone the look and feel of stock ICS! For anyone who likes pure Android (check out a nexus device) then this is the closest to that I have found so far.

    For LED theming try light flow in the play store, and for wifi tether, your rooted now. Just pay the 5 bucks and get PDA Net with FoxFi (wifi tether add on for PDA Net).

    The theme I have looks like this,


  7. carlthulhu

    carlthulhu Member

    Success for me, tho all I've done so far is remove bloatware.
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  8. BDNB

    BDNB Member

    Got it working and it's AWESOME. :D Took out a large amount of the att junk. Can hardly wait to get a custom rom on this thing.

    SuperSU & Titanium Backup:
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    Totally like the idea of being able to root this. Once custom roms start coming out for it, I can see it being a "best phone to root on a budget".

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  9. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    I like the set cpu there back door no baby.

    I have been meaning to recommend that to everyone.

    Get set cpu and run the thing at max clock speed all the time, as there are no overclocking kernel yet this phone gets great battery life even when running at max clock speed 24hrs a day.
  10. BDNB

    BDNB Member

    It is actually a fairly neat app. I totally recommend it. There are quite a few functions available from it that you wouldn't expect (or at least I didn't).

    Having root access is awesome already.
    Now all I need is to find all the best apps (fun, useful, neat, etc..) that use root access when I've got the time. Just something to mess with for now.
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  11. Batbullet

    Batbullet New Member

    Thanks for root, removed the bloatware but i can only connect with 3g this phone has option for edge/ 3g but phone stuck in 3g only. No option listed in Network Setup for 2g
    any suggestions?
  12. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

  13. BvH

    BvH New Member

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. The rooting was successful. At first, I didn't know if it had worked as I thought rooting the phone would be like a "fresh install". Then I downloaded Root Checker Basic and it showed me the same result as allgonoslow.

    I used the "safe" list for uninstall of the bloatware found in another thread. Then I installed the following apps:


    SetCPU looks cool. Should I worry about the CPU overheating when setting it at max clock speed all the time?
  14. shagerty

    shagerty Well-Known Member

    The CPU is at such a low clock speed it will never overheat unless you could over clock. We don't have an OC kernel yet. Go for setcpu! I have mine at max all the time and the phone battery still lasts about two days in use and a week or two in standby!
  15. BDNB

    BDNB Member

    Yup. No worries with SetCPU since there's no overclocking.
    I've used SetCPU to set mine on max since I've rooted. The phone is slightly quicker to respond, and the battery still lasts for quite a while. Totally worth it.
  16. potatoemonger

    potatoemonger Active Member

    I got my phone rooted within a day (which is a miracle for me) and i've started removing all the AT&T junk. (even the apps that can't be found) I use No-frills CPU control it works really well mainly because you can set the minimum and the max with setting on how it will use your CPU like performance and powersave. I'm starting to delve deeper into rooting. All thanks to Shagerty
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  17. zago

    zago Member

    Already posted in Step by step Root walkthrough for Huawei Fusion 2

    Thanks for the guide, I had a problem when tried to boot in recovery mode, the phone gave me a purple screen for some reason. But when I tried the day after, I had no problem and got the fusion rooted. :D
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  18. samweller

    samweller Member

    I have as per your root thread. I used windows 7. Worked exactly as described. Nice work.
  19. cameron581

    cameron581 Well-Known Member

    Purple screen is when you hold both the power and the volume up and down
  20. BDNB

    BDNB Member

    Just out of plain curiosity, what exactly is this? other than a purple screen....
  21. cameron581

    cameron581 Well-Known Member

    Huaweis update screen its useless I have tried updating with ports they just didn't remove it
  22. Hobsona

    Hobsona Member

    Is there anyway to overclock with SetCPU or do I need to go with CM 7.2 and use that custom kernal somebody made?
  23. ZeRoseDev

    ZeRoseDev Well-Known Member

    You can't overclock stock. If you want to overclock(and a better running system)

    Backup your current system.

    Flash CyanogenMod 7.2

    Then use my N00b friendly Overclocking for Fusion 2 w/Kernel Restore

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