Who wants to see Shinjitsu Rom on the sequent?General

Should Shinjitsu Rom come to the Sequent?

Poll closed May 5, 2013.
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  1. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    That's right folks!! My warp one bit the dust last night when i dropped it and the screen shattered. :( My loss could be your gain. Just vote in my poll and let me know what you think. I will try to flex my budget enough to purchase one tomorrow.

    And as always donations are appreciated...


  2. atlharp

    atlharp Well-Known Member

    Go for it Shin. This forum needs you! :-D
  3. sean82007

    sean82007 Well-Known Member

    yea i think it'd be awesome to get the rom on here, except we need a fully working recovery lol.
  4. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    well my Sequent will arrive tomorrow and i will start work on the rom. Then once we have a fully functional recovery i will post it. This will be the third device to be running my rom!!! :)

    EDIT: Got it and i have to say this is a nice upgrade. Might not be a Galaxy S2 or S3 but its a very nice device for its price point. Can't wait to dig into this one :p

    Wow this rom is one heck of a resource hog. I managed to get it down to about 328MB ram usage and on a fresh clean data wipe about 200 ish so its a little better.

    Just one upped myself and got it down to 303MB usage with apps installed :) its getting better!!!

    can a mod or guide please move this to all things root please?
  5. sean82007

    sean82007 Well-Known Member

    What a tease lol thats awesome to b hearing it though.
  6. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    So far its:
    Zip aligned
    Added DSPManager
    Apollo CM10 music player
    A theme I made for Apollo
    Added DTM OC kernel

    So far it has way better battery life and virtually no lag.

    I would post screenshot but I don't wanna cause hype. I will start a thread in my rom development section later with some screenshots.

    Lol I probably removed close to 20-25 apps from system. This thing was bloated bad......
  7. sean82007

    sean82007 Well-Known Member

    OKAY JUST STOP lol i dont want to read these things ne more, its making me upset lol i've wanted this for so long.....ahhhhhhhh im gonna go crazy lol jk jk, thats awesome, and im excited as hell for it. Have an idea of when its going to be put up? I made a build.prop thread that really kicks ass with this phone as well if you wanna throw that in there.

    oh as well forgot to add, for some reason maybe it was just not phone or not but the battery wasn't calibrated when I got it, and after I ran calibration it lasts nearly all day w/o a charge.
  8. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Same here for battery life, I tried your build.prop but it messes with Wi-Fi and you don't get any data throughput. I will find out what settings cause it though.
  9. sean82007

    sean82007 Well-Known Member

    the only problem i've had with wifi since i put that together was everyonce in a while it will have to be shut off and put on again and then it will connect. I haven't really looked into it on finding out exactly which line it is that causes it, just never really had time, theres quite alot of additional things added in there.
  10. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    I have a build.prop that has all the settings we need for ICS from my C91 rom

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