Who would prefer the Epic to not have a keyboard

Do you prefer a keyboard, or would you prefer all touch.

  1. Keyboard

  2. No keyboard


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  1. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

    Either way its great, but just curious as to who wants a keyboard or not?

  2. SoulLi

    SoulLi Member

    Voted keyboard
    I don't the touch screen keyboard covering up all of my screen lol
  3. jxr94

    jxr94 Well-Known Member

  4. ed_mcnasty

    ed_mcnasty Active Member

    voted keyboard. i have fat fingers
  5. jersey221

    jersey221 Well-Known Member

    i really dont care i would have bought it if it didnt have a keyboard and im buying it now when it does have a keyboard.i do think it would have been a sweet phone without one but oh well just more options.
  6. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    There's something about physical keys that I really like. I always feel like there's something missing when I use phones with only touch screens and nothing else.
  7. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    I voted keyboard due to I like options. I use the keyboard on my moment all the time, when my Moment works that is.
  8. Mistiq

    Mistiq Well-Known Member

    I chose Keyboard. I've never liked them because I have big fingers but having that secondary option as a fallback is a great thing. I can use a touchscreen but when it's time to get down and dirty, the keyboard is there. Plus I can use the keyboard to play games without touchscreen controls obscuring the screen
  9. rckozma

    rckozma Well-Known Member

    I choose no keyboard. I probably will never use it, have not had a keyboard on any of my phones, and it is just one more moving part that is subject to break. But I am still going to get the phone.
  10. DILands

    DILands Well-Known Member Contributor

    Voted KB - pretty much for all the above reasons. Also - usually thickness becomes an issue - but - not with the EPIC 4G!
  11. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

    I voted keyboard. If I didn't want a keyboard I would have kept my EVO.
  12. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    Voted keyboard. I cannot properly use an on screen keybaord. (long nails) Besides, if you don't want to use it, simply don't. If you do need it and don't have it, well, you're screwed.
  13. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    Voted keyboard, but I would buy this phone no matter what. That's just san added bonus
  14. chill145

    chill145 Well-Known Member

    is that the only reason you didn't want the evo. because i don't mind the on screen keyboard at all and my evo has been running perfect so far

    is there any other BIG reason to choose the epic over the evo?
  15. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    Real men use keyboards (only kidding :p)
  16. kristv

    kristv Well-Known Member

    I think it really comes down to 2 things for most people:

    What form factor do you prefer (with or without keyboard)?

    How are you intending to use your phone?

    The second question is probably more important really. If you are going to use it as more of a multi-media phone for playing games, watching movies/tv shows and snapping pictures, the Epic is probably going to appeal more to you. It has a better camera (even though it's less MP's), it has a better screen, and a better "gaming" processor (especially for graphically intensive games). If those things aren't as important to you as business functionality is to you, then the Evo might be your phone of choice. It's a more classy-looking, business style type of phone that also fits more easily into your suit pants, etc. I'm not saying the Evo is a slouch when it comes to multimedia, but the Epic is clearly a step up in this area.
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  17. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

  18. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

    I am choosing the Epic overly EVO because of the keyboard. Also because my EVO would only get 4 hours and I was needing to plug it in. Apps kept force closing on me and that. If it would have worked properly then I would have kept it. I could have just had a bad phone. Who knows. I have long nails though and the on screen keyboard just wasn't working the way I wanted it to.
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  19. HTCeasar

    HTCeasar Well-Known Member

    Voted no keyboard. Welcome to the future
  20. chill145

    chill145 Well-Known Member

    i really appreciate the response, broke it down perfectly and these are questions i'm going have to answer soon and now i'm really torn
  21. johnjv

    johnjv New Member

    I get sad when I see a Galaxy S without a keyboard... because it's with a different carrier. I'm sure Samsung had there heart in the right place, and I realize the Evo has no keyboard but I want a Galaxy S not an Evo. However if the Evo Shift has a keyboard, perhaps Samsung should make an Epic without the keyboard. It makes the phone thick and clunky. Also DO NOT put a business card in your pocket with the phone (it's easy to forget), I did and it sliced through the flimsy ribbon cable connecting the two parts.
  22. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Well-Known Member

    I prefer a actual keyboard when texting and i am finding that it works better for some of the emulators. (SNES, GBA) I tried out a friends and really don't like using the touch screen for everything.
  23. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Well-Known Member

    Do the math:
    Epic minus keyboard equals EVO
  24. Damar1979

    Damar1979 Well-Known Member

    Most of anyone who chose this phone did so due to the keyboard. Aside from other aspects (awesome screen, slightly better processor, etc.)
  25. Droid_Rage

    Droid_Rage Active Member

    I originally bought the Epic because I thought I'd like the keyboard, and because of the beautiful SuperAMOLED screen. Once I got the phone, I figured out swype in a few hours and I've hardley used the keyboard since. I voted NO keyboard. That's just me though.

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