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  1. dscbigeagle85

    dscbigeagle85 Member

    So I downloaded Kies to my laptop on order to see if I could sync my phone to Microsoft Outlook. When I downloaded it and plugged my phone in I was told there was a firmware upgrade. (Unfortunately I don't recall exactly what I was running before but I think it was 2.3.6?) Anyway, I did all the steps and was excited about it until it got to 6% installation. I have been stuck at 6% for over an hour now and I can't press cancel on the kies instal screen. I would just unplug it but I am afraid of bricking my phone. Everything is stock including the OS. Any ideas?

  2. dscbigeagle85

    dscbigeagle85 Member

    Never mind. I called Samsung and had them fix it. Thank you!

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