Who's Calling(2.1/2.2): Who's Calling v1.4.5 updated!

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  1. sunforest

    sunforest Member


    - Sharpen searching skill
    - add mute function!

    - Input Number then Search (Press "menu" Button)
    - Useless search result report

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  2. Very nice review 5/5.
  3. sunforest

    sunforest Member

    Thank you for suggestions from everyone!

    We offer “Who’s Calling” v1.4.8 today sharpen the blocked function!

    From now and then, “Who’s Calling” reached 2million pageviews and more and more people download! Though lots of user can be used on their smartphone, we were going to increase the all samrtphone compatible!

    If you have any suggestions, plz kindly tell us!
  4. sunforest

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    Thank you for downloads!
    We update "who's calling v2.0"-

    - add "Tell a friend" share with your facebook friends!
    - connects with Taiwan & American YELLOW page!

    You can share the result to your wall!

    tell something to your friends:

    sometime we share "fraud telephone" and tell our friends being careful!!

    "who's calling" facebook page, join us we provide more news!
    Who's Calling Mobile App | Facebook

    Quickly update your apps!! enjoy it!!
  5. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Downloading now.
  6. sunforest

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    【New Version Release】Thank you for your download!! We update v2.2.0 today!! The pageviews of "who's calling" have reached over 4millions!!

    New Feature:
    1. Searching quality: avoid meaningless results and sharpen quality of search!
    2. Searching speed: number cloud searching

    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!!

    Our Page:
    Who's Calling Mobile App | Facebook
  7. sunforest

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    Thanks for your support to "Who's Calling".
    The App now is about to reach the amount of 50k Downloads and 5 million Pageviews!!
    To celebrate this initial achievement, we decided to release the full function/non-limited search version for free download NOW!

    More functions will be implemented in the coming future to improve the user experience for "Who's Calling".
    Yellow Pages of worldwide will be considered, search algorithm will be sharpened, and compatibility to different hardware and OS-versions will be improved.

    Thanks for your continuous support :)
  8. sunforest

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    Thank you for your download!
    We provided v.2.2.0 last night for everyone!

    New version and connects with more Yellow page!

    - Input Number then Search (Press "menu" Button)
    - Useless search result report


    If you like "who's Calling", plz give us ***** stars,
    or lest some comments on Facebook page!
    Who's Calling Mobile App | Facebook
  9. sunforest

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    Today has been uploaded v2.5.1

    Main new features: Big & small widget

    The concept of a small widget to let you be placed on the main page,
    2X1 size of the final pass easily know who the unknown phone call!

    Click on any small widget, will enter into the app, showing the search results!


    Great widget to 4X1 size, can be placed on any page,
    Clearly show the direct search for the unknown caller picture
    Of course there will not show the results of phone!


    Note - When "Who's Calling" moved to the SD card, can not install the widget, have uninstalled, re-install to the phone can be successful yo!

    installation -
    Updated several v2.5.0, SD is not moved within the desktop> menu> New> Gadgets> "Who's Calling" the size of widget!!

    If you feel good, do not forget to give us five stars in Android Market !!

    If you have any questions or comments to our fans special page to share with us:
    Who's Calling Mobile App | Facebook
  10. sunforest

    sunforest Member

    ★ WhosCall success has helped nearly 5,000,000 calls made ​​strange telephone information;
    ★ Stable service support with more than 10 million people;
    ★ WhosCall Support U.S., UK, Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan and other regions;
    ★ WhosCall support only the Android open systems technology, iphone can not use the feature;
    ★ WhosCall has been listed as the major forum for Android phone application software must be installed

    New version v2.7.0 has just been released:

    New features and changes-

    1. Renames: "whoscall"

    2. Block Fraud Call

    3. Pre-load call records

    Thank you for your support!!

    Welcome to our page:
    WhosCall Mobile App | Facebook
  11. sunforest

    sunforest Member

    Recently, we linked the U.S. Yellow Pages database, and the global test 22 mobile phones, covering eight brands, the overall cell phone works well, but also speed up searching, such as attachments. Thank you!


    Free Download for android market: WhosCall
  12. sunforest

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    [V3.0.0 release] After several days of final testing, has a milestone v3.0.0 shelves today!!

    Why is a milestone? We add several new features:

    (1) Add tags: you can tag the unknown number and then show your tag on the next incoming call.

    If the results of the telephone number, the result can be given for the label:

    Of course, if no results, but also you can tag this unknown number :


    If there is no network, you can significantly show this tag, so you know who he is:

    From the tag list, you can view and search your label set:

    It Recommend that fans of this version in the update, download the phone after loading, to maintain the network flow,
    The system will automatically help you search the past for the record!

    Do you label it?

    v3.0.0 hope you will like!
  13. Impressive review! already getting on to this!!! the taglist feature looks quite usefull!!!! thanked!
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  15. sunforest

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  16. sunforest

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    Strange calls drive you crazy?
    WhosCall has already figure out the intentions for more than ten million phone calls. Only exclusive for android phone. Even Google CEO highly appreciate WhosCall ! Why do you miss it?

    ★WhosCall lets you see the information of the strange calls!★
    1.Real-time Caller ID
    With fair Internet access, WhosCall provides real-time phone number lookup in seconds. Whether it is telephone fraud, telemarketing calls or business calls, WhosCall search their information as soon as possible!

    2.Blocked annoying calls

    Say goodbye to annoying calls , just click the block button.
    ★WhosCall 3.1.5 Brand New Feature★
    (1)Remind Dialog
    After the call, WhosCall automatically render the reminder dialog immediately, which help user tag number easily.
    2 Smart Tag feature
    Built-in 12 kinds of calls tab, and provide a quick user-friendly vocabulary list of recommendations, telephone tag annotation efficiency increased dramatically.
    3. complete calls record
    Whether it is strange blocked number calls, contact calls, as long as your fingers slip a slip, at a glance all kinds of phone list, call management efficiency, not only useful and more interesting!

    4 beautiful and friendly interface
    Entered the multi-frame comic strip, beautify the trigger screen, update the settings button, share WhosCall

    Although some small details, and we hope to let you know our intentions.
    Reading the above description, and quickly download the update and see! More function will be introduced in the face book page
    Android market
  17. sunforest

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    We tried our best to launch more countries and take care our quality of calling information. And NOW WhosCall starts to open in Japan, Korea, England, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan & Singapore, etc...!

    In the past we open to the United States, India, China, and Saudi-Arabia and Taiwan, have good performance. More 1 million people download whoscall & get good feedback in the past! Now we get the technical assistance of the local countries, so that more countries can use Whoscall !!

    If you are in Japan, Korea, England, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan & Singapore etc, you can download WhosCall beta in the following, WhosCall beta open to more 100 countries:
    WhosCall beta








    WhosCall didn't have too much complex information connected but real and accurate as your call is coming!

    Welcome to download and give us your feedback!!
    WhosCall beta

    facebook page:
    WhosCall Community | Facebook
  18. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    This is cool! will test the app in japan, australia soon and get back to you with feedback.
    japanese version is working ok for me right now :)
  19. ABCUS1987

    ABCUS1987 Member

    I was told to use Driving Mode on S3 does the same thing. Haven't tried it yet.

    I've been using NumberCop for over 3 years even on my old defunct BB. Great product doesn't have a voice but blocks spam callers and has a built in look up feature.
  20. sleepywarrior

    sleepywarrior Member

    does this app provide services in Asian countries or US only.

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