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Who's waiting for the MILESTONE?

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  1. Might as well start off the first thread for the TELUS forum!

    So, who is waiting for the MILESTONE? Personally I am an avid BlackBerry user on a BES/Exchange server platform, but this may be the device I have been waiting for. Using BlackBerry for about 8 years now, I want a device that brings a new look and feel, but functional for my business needs.

    What are your thoughts on it, you folks waiting it out, or are you too excited to see a droid device that you are jumping on the Hero bandwagon?

  2. jguil

    jguil New Member

    I am. The GSM version. So slow.
  3. Asmo

    Asmo Member

    I jumped on the Hero right away, coming from blackberry for the past 5-7 years myself.

    I am not really reading anything that would make me want the milestone over the hero anyways, will wait to see what android 2.0 brings to the Hero, but I like the smaller Hero over the large milestone.

    Either way, Android is the future :)
  4. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    Waiting for it VERY IMPATIENTLY. My Rogers subscription ends in February, so I'm gonna switch to Telus to congratulate them for having the sexiest phone ever. Hopefully they will be selling it by then.

    Asmo, maybe you can tell me if Telus allows paid downloads from the Android Market? I know Rogers doesn't, but maybe it's just carrier specific and not just because Canada is ********.
  5. Asmo

    Asmo Member

    Nope, no paid apps yet, it is a Canada thing unfortunately. But the free apps are very good, and paid apps will come eventually.
  6. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    Joh, spamming the boards with this post isn't gonna make you new friends. You've copy-pasted it, what, 4 times already? Anticipation is good, and I can't wait either, but you're pushing it.

    I'm still gonna answer the only intelligible question you asked in that wall of text.

    500 mb is enough to surf standard (read: text and images) web pages all month, but not enough to stream music or video. You'll be better off doing your heavy downloading over wi-fi. Try downloading a bandwidth meter for your PC and use it for a few days so you can get an idea of how heavy your web browsing is. Look at the file sizes of the music, movies, games, etc. that you downloaded on your computer, and you'll quickly get a grasp of just what 500mb is.

    For what it's worth, Rogers states on their website that over 80% of their members' monthly data usage falls under 500mb each. But that's your average Joe. I'm pretty sure that when I get the Milestone I'll need the 1gb plan from Telus, or need to rely a lot on wifi hotspots.

    P.S. Are you from Quebec?
  7. Deku

    Deku New Member

    Hey fellas,

    I am also waiting for the Milestone. Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard if the Eris coming north? Also, is it just me or are the "plans" for smartphones/BB's starting to get really restrictive/constrictive? I just feel like there's no winning with any of those plans they have now.
    Also, those US Voice/Data "30 day passes", is that really all that's available for roaming? They seem bleh at best. At one point I was considering signing up with Verizon because from what I've read it seems they have a more viable plan for roaming in Canada (Nationwide plus Canada).

  8. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    The eris is a cosmetic variation on the CDMA hero. The GSM hero is available on Telus, like, right now. Don't tell me you don't like the chin I couldn't care less; all new devices you're gonna see in Canada from now on are gonna be GSM anyway so get used to it.
  9. Deku

    Deku New Member


    I was confused at your reply at first, but I see where I went wrong.
    By "plans" I did not mean the roadmap for Telus' device or network deployment, I meant the actual "PLANS" we get for the phones (Telus' terminology). IE: Their new thing is the Clear Choice Plans for Individuals/Sharing (Blackberry flavour as well).

    Regardless of any chin, I'm awaiting the Milestone so my opinion of the Hero's cosmetic appearance is moot. My friend, on the other hand, won't be too happy with this news about the Eris.

    Anyone have any feedback/tips for US roaming with Telus? I feel as though I'm gonna get juiced with those US Voice/Data 30 Day pass things...

  10. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    That's what I was answering to.

    Sorry if I sounded rude, having a really bad week. To make up for that, I'm gonna give my opinion on your actual question :p

    Plan prices in Canada aren't too bad IMO. It's just that they come with ridiculous contracts and data caps. I don't mind paying 50 bucks a month for voice and data, but 500 mb? come on. I don't really mind data caps, maybe it's because I'm used to them here in Canada, but I use like ONE GB A DAY on my desktop, and I'm scared to see how I'm gonna use on a device that's always in my pocket. And it looks like the trend here is to have the subsidized phones at the same price as what the US would get for a 2-year contract, but here it's 3 years for that same price. Blame the CRTC and the Rogers-Telus-Bell oligopoly.

    If you plan on roaming in the US, you're mega-screwed though. I wouldn't touch my browser unless I was 100% certain I was in at least 3 wifi hotspots at the same time. 3$ per megabyte? are you serious Telus? what is this, the 90's?
  11. johflo88

    johflo88 Well-Known Member

    @kblack: you're very rude and you think you're very intelligent but you're not! You're trying to make up all your shortcoming by trying to be smart and very rude. I bet you don't even have any friends.Btw,i hope you choke on an Apple, ifanboy!
  12. tarius

    tarius Member

    I have a Rogers contract/relationship ending soon - and the Milestone (still going to call it "Droid" in my head, though) looks much more promising than the Androids that my carrier advertises.

    I will be out at the stores looking at the demo models as soon as they are available.
  13. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    Tarius, I'm in the same situation here. Rogers contract ending in february. I was happy to see that they were the first to get android phones here in Canada, but they are dropping the ball on the new generation. I'm not a fan of any carrier, but I'm a fan of android and good hardware, so Telus here I come.

    Joh, I wrote an answer for you but just deleted it because I have a policy about feeding the troll.
  14. rioja

    rioja Well-Known Member

    It can't be too far off now. It's been released in Brazil on networks that run 3G/HSPA on 850 mhz. My guess is we'll see it early January :)
  15. nateo200

    nateo200 Well-Known Member

    Surprisngly I've only managed 700mbs this month and that is with tethering TRYING to rack up megabytes lmao. Also its like 20 us dollars a megabyte to roam in canada. Iits rediculous carriers need to come to better agreements since the countrys are so close and traveling anywhere in canada to me is like going anywhere in the us.
    Yeah but they use 2100 and 850 umts.
  16. lexcyn

    lexcyn Member

    I'm definitely waiting for the Milestone. Currently I have an iPhone 3G S, but I owned the Rogers Dream for like 2 days before returning it.

    Hopefully the Milestone comes out before the end of January as my Rogers contract is expiring!
  17. jblazea50

    jblazea50 Well-Known Member

    any idea as to how much it will cost unlocked? i want to get it so i can use it with AT&T in the US since they both run on the same 3G band
  18. lexcyn

    lexcyn Member

    Well considering the iPhone 3G S 16GB is for sale with no contract for $699.00 (NOT unlocked), I think it would be somewhere around there. But I'm guessing you would be able to get it unlocked from some place.
  19. jreid

    jreid Member

    Well I was thinking about getting a Hero, but I'm holding out until I can get a chance to try the Milestone out in person. So lets hope the rumor of Feb 18 release is accurate, so far all things are pointing to it being.
  20. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Well-Known Member

  21. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    The first one to unlock it would be nice to inform us if it worked, where you got the code, and what provider SIM (rogers, fido, bell) you're using with it now
  22. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    Double post
  23. jreid

    jreid Member

    Went to try to track down one in person, none of the Telus stores, dealers or Futureshop/BestBuy have it in yet (at least in NW Calgary). Bestbuy figures their preorders will be in tomorrow, FS had no idea. The telus mobility store at Market Mall figures their order should be in around noon tomorrow, though they only brought in 5 initially.

    From what it sounded like the dealers were given the heads up that the release was supposed to be tomorrow on the weekend, and as such they weren't able to place their orders from Telus until this morning.
  24. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Well-Known Member

    It is the same here in Ontario. Telus stores said maybe tomorrow, Futureshop thought i was talking about a mouse, and bestbuy says its not out till the 18th and they will have there shipment a few days after that
  25. KBlack

    KBlack Active Member

    No luck for me either; the telus store near me told me "coming in the next few days".

    The 18th still sounds plausible.

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