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  1. 8 corez

    8 corez Active Member

    I would be lying if I said I'm not intrigued by the Fonepad... Especially at that 250 dollar price! True it might look a little funny holding a 7" tablet up to ones ear but IDK... It might just be the future of smartphones... What do you all think?

  2. 8 corez

    8 corez Active Member

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  3. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    If it will work on TMobile (mechanically and carrier allowed) I'm getting it.
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  4. RabbiEli

    RabbiEli New Member

    I just got one and it works on T-Mobile. Now, we need root.
  5. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    Nice! On the aws bands or just the refarmed?

    How do you like it so far?
  6. SevenW

    SevenW Active Member

    I bought one as a tab, must say pretty impressed it's definitely on par with a Nexus 7, only one downside and thats not holding it to your ear, but there are no silicone cases available for it well atleast I can't find any.
  7. xiaokai

    xiaokai Member

    I already got one recently :)
    I am very happy and impressed by it.

    Im very egger for someone to Root it
  8. SevenW

    SevenW Active Member

    After 6 days use, something very strange started to happen, after charging it to 100% then switching it off, 2hrs later I turn it on battery is 57%. Next day again charged to 100%, 1 minutes use equates to 1% battery, I literally watched the battery level drop. Even just with the screen on with no apps in the background.

    I thought it was a dodgy app so I did a reset. Nope no such luck, I took the fonepad back to Asus and now have to wait 3-5days for service.

    Not a great start.
  9. AndroidExplrr

    AndroidExplrr New Member

    I'm facing a similar problem with my Fonepad which is just a few weeks old.. only that the problem has compounded to a state that the Fonepad is not powering-up at all. Any luck with the Asus service? What was their finding??
  10. SevenW

    SevenW Active Member

    Sorry I was totally disappointed by their service, I left my less than 2 week old machine with them for 2 weeks while they replaced my battery and motherboard, I did however did get an upgrade from 8Gb to 16Gb.

    I've been using it pretty heavily since getting it back and so far all's well.
    But their service has left me with a bad taste, I would seriously have to consider buying any Asus product again.
  11. mythuat24h

    mythuat24h New Member

    I am using asus fonepad 7 and it is good for me.
  12. bobm2014

    bobm2014 New Member

    Has anyone got their fonepad (or similar, like nexus 7-I) to work on a lan,
    with the bobjgear wotsit or similar usb dongle? This would clinch it for me,
    I would think of getting it. The requirement is 'to be enabled with ethernet'
  13. anzilone

    anzilone Member

    I'm using Asus Fone Pad 7, its a good tablet and got price around $200. There are 2 SIM card slots on the device. I'm from India,so far i'm a happy customer with Fone Pad...

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