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Why am I forced to use a screen lock?

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  1. I installed two certificates on my JB Gnex and now I'm forced to chose PIN lock or some safety-thing.
    I don't want any lockscreen but the options are greyed-out now.
    How can I get back to that?

  2. stwoire

    stwoire New Member

    Delete the two certificates
  3. ahem joker, I wouldn't have installed them if I wouldn't need them
  4. mattyboyo

    mattyboyo Well-Known Member

    What are the certificates, corporate email or something similar? The requirement for a lockscreen is probably written into the certificates.
  5. They're for the WiFi in my uni. But I deleted them and apparently WiFi's still working without them.
  6. So is your problem solved now?
  7. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try the no lock screen app from the market

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