Why am I seeing Sprint tethering with FoxFi?

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  1. mel2000

    mel2000 Active Member

    FoxFi works fine for a while on my rooted Samsung Epic SPH-D700, but I also get a Sprint tethering icon in the connection list. If I turn it off, FoxFi turns off too. In addition after about 15 minutes I got a "time limit reached" warning with FoxFi and had to restart it to resume my connection. Can someone explain what the limit means? And can someone explain if the coexistence of the Sprint tethering is an issue I should be concerned about? Thanks.

  2. UPdownLoAD

    UPdownLoAD Well-Known Member

    This is because of the new build of FoxFi. Uninstall it, and install it through the Amazon Market (not updated yet)

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