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Why are attachments are saved as hidden filesSupport

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  1. jstuntz

    jstuntz Member

    I have a Samsung Epic, non-rooted. When I download pic attachments from Yahoo Mail it downloads them as hidden files. The only reason I know it does this is because after I download the pic the pic is not in the download, or any other folder for that matter, folder. When I go and "show hidden files"it pops up! When I move this pic to one of my folders in my gallery, I still cant see it, even with the "show hidden files" turned on.

    How do I get pic attachments to NOT download as hidden files and how do I get those hidden files to show up everywhere for those that I have already downloaded?

  2. jstuntz

    jstuntz Member

    Those hidden attachments are not showing up in the gallery. But when I hook my phone up via USB I can see all 92 pics on my computer. But when I go directly to the gallery I only see 71 pics. Does anyone know how to unhide those pics?
  3. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    Are you saving to a folder whose name is prefixed with a period? Like this: .myfolder If so then try saving to a folder whose name isn't prefixed with a period, or rename your folder without a period.
  4. jstuntz

    jstuntz Member

    It was just saving it to the default main folder on my SD card ... BUT ... when you made your suggestion, I went to look at yahoo to see if I could change the folder and noticed the name of the file, as it is with all of the facebook pics that I have sent to my email, the file name starts with a period! Bingo!! Thank you for the help. Now I just need to figure out how or if I can, change the name when I am downloading those files. For some reason when you take a pic from the FB app and send it to your email, since you cant directly download it to your SD card, it adds a period in front of the file name. So, looks like Im out to find out the next step in taking care of this hidden file issue.

    Once again, thank you so much Epicurean! :)

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