Why are O2 so CRAP for Android phones?

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  1. Jezston

    Jezston Well-Known Member

    I suspect this may have something to do with O2 being the prime iPhone retailer.

    I like O2. I really do. Really good coverage, really good customer service, and they sell phones outright for WAY, WAY cheaper than other networks, like 25% cheaper. I guess because other networks just do not want you to buy phones outright. Example: HTC Desire -

  2. mikey

    mikey Member

    I think its more down to Vodafone being very good at getting exclusive handsets more than anything. O2 also tend to announce handsets very late so I would hang on and see what happens.

    Vodafone reception is also pathetically poor where I live so Im also looking for something Android from O2 in the next 2-3 weeks although size doesnt worry me so much coming from a HD2
  3. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    You could try getting an unlocked handset off eBay/Amazon/wherever and use it with O2's
  4. perpetual121

    perpetual121 Member

    LOL, you do know that Android is linux based??

    I got the streak as my primary phone and works pretty damm good now that I have worked out the software! The size was a little daunting at first but hasn't been a issue at all.

    Good Luck with the hunt
  5. matt280290

    matt280290 New Member

    You could always try either the Sony Ericcson X10 or the X10 mini/mini pro. There is also a samsung with Android not sure which 1 it is though. The Wildfire is available on o2 if you purchase it via Carphone Warehouse
  6. jay_snizzel

    jay_snizzel Active Member

    I've had a crazy week with o2, Saturday just gone i renewed contract with them and agreed on the HTC desire. but i'm still waiting to receive my phone.
    Eventually today it's been dispatched, but no one at o2 could tell me prior to it being dispatched when I could expect to receive it!
  7. rollerross

    rollerross New Member

    Well I went into an o2 store yesterday and bought an HTC Desire and had no problem. If going to purchase pay as you go do it in store, good offers ( got my Desire for
  8. willbar

    willbar New Member

    A couple of weeks ago decided to download the O2 upgrade to 2.2. Had been wanting to root it and get a rom but feared bricking mobile. The O2 upgrade ended up bricking it on the O2 screen anyway but they replaced it. It has left me with the same problem. Lost everything on old and have a 32gb SD which I
  9. danieljuk

    danieljuk Member

    well o2 is now the exclusive UK HTC windows phone provider and so all their new HTC phones will be HD models. It's rumoured they probably won't be getting another HTC android phone after the Desire. They are probably never gonna have the Desire HD themselves. They are big competition for the exclusivity deal! You can get Android models from other suppliers and keep your o2 contract (say carphone warehouse). Disappointing for customers though. They are losing customers over this! poor decision

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