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Why are there two 'family' and two 'friends' groups?Support (Browse All)

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  1. DaveG

    DaveG Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 20, 2010
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    When I create a contact on the phone and assign a group, there are TWO 'friends' and TWO 'family' groups.

    All the contacts I setup from my GMail account show up in one 'friends' or one 'family' group. The duplicate groups are both empty.

    I went to an area where I can delete groups but the empty 'friends' and 'family' groups cannot be deleted. However, it looks like the groups I setup at GMail (where all my contacts are in) CAN be deleted.

    I'd rather not delete those groups because then those contacts will probably no longer be in a group, and the GMail/GContacts distinction will probably be lost.

    The reason this is annoying is because when I create a new friend contact from the phone I don't know which 'friends' group to add it to.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Checking my GContacts only shows one 'friends' group and one 'family 'group', but the way.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Aro2220

    Aro2220 Member

    Aug 3, 2011
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    It seems that the phone, by default, now has a family and friens category..as well as a coworker category.

    These do not show up in google contacts, so when you try to organize things through your contacts it only shows extra categories and won't let you put people into these phone-only categories.

    It's really stupid and there needs to be a fix. I hope someone out there knows of one. I'm having the same problem.

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