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Why cant I attach video to messagesSupport

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  1. lizardtapp

    lizardtapp New Member

    When I attempt to attach a video to a text message it says "message size limit reached"....even with very short video (2 seconds).

    I then attempt to email the video....it always just goes to the outbox and then gets stuck there. Never making it to the sent folder.

    My phone is in 4g....I don't know what else to try. Can anyone help?

    BTW....I have no problem getting pics to go through attached to text messages...it's just video that has the problem.

    edit....it is a yahoo email account if it matters

  2. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    any idea what size the file is you're attaching? I'm not sure offhand what it is, but I know Yahoo mail has a file-size limit for attachments. Possible your videos are of high enough quality that the file is too big to attach, causing it to fail at that point? About the only thing I can think of.
  3. Buddha64

    Buddha64 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, a 2 sec video in the default resolution is 1.8Mb. Far over the 300kb limit for MMS.
  4. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

    when in video mode hit menu go to quality and select mms then you can send videos. dont forget to put it back to 720 after your done

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