Why can't I pinch 'n zoom on Atrix

  1. guinness1

    guinness1 New Member

    Firstly, I love the Atrix. Im a convert from the iPhone 4 and no regrets are in order; however, I'm having difficulty pinching 'n zooming in the browser. When I go to a specific web page, default for instance, I cannot pinch 'n zoom as I could with my iPhone 4. Is there something I am missing here? I am new to Android and loving thus far. I don't miss iOS at all. Any settings? Suggestions?

  2. You're prob on a mobile site. You can't pinch and zoom on those on iOS or Android. Got to a desktop version of a website.
  3. dtbrown

    dtbrown New Member

    Funny thing is the HTC Inspire will pinch and zoom a mobile site. I just compared the two side by side on cnn.com mobile site and the Inspire will pinch and zoom but the Atrix won't. And I couldn't find a setting in the Atrix to enable it.
  4. pinbak

    pinbak Well-Known Member

    Yea that's odd, it does do it on my Inspire too, I went to engadget and it would pinch to zoom on the mobile site. Maybe there is a setting on the moto that will enable it!
  5. guinness1

    guinness1 New Member

    Wondering what the setting may be? I love the Atrix but I'm bitterly missing pinch 'n zoom on mobile websites. Come on Motorola!!!!!
  6. algs26

    algs26 Well-Known Member

    I think HTC redid the browser to always reflow so it probably carried over to mobile sites. Stock only does this on double taps.
  7. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Well-Known Member

    Download another browser. Try Firefox or Dolphin HD...

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