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  1. I recently got the samsung galaxy 10.1.. I run a facebook fan page and i'm finding for some reason on my tablet i can't upload my photos onto other fan pages timelines..it works fine to post them on my own page but on other pages when i click the upload photos box it just shows choose file with no box around it to click?? :confused:

  2. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    Do you have any facebook friends? I think they need to add you. If they wont do it willingly you can pay them. This worked for me. If you paypal me 10 bucks I will add you on a temp basis. This way you can have a trail run to see what having a facebook friend is like.

    Just joking man....
  3. Lol :) ha ha very funny.. i'm not talking about personal fb pages ( i have plenty of friends btw). I mean from my fan "like" page to another fan page.
  4. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    Your a good Sport!!! Sorry I can't give a serious answer. Don't use facebook that much. Good luck!
  5. Thanks :)
  6. thecoach1999

    thecoach1999 Member

    Are you running the app or from the browser? Works fine for me using the browser
  7. I am using the browser, thats what makes it so strange..?? It lets me upload photos to my own page just fine, not anyone elses tho.. I do it from my home computer all the time so i know i should be able to.. :/ i love my tablet, but with so many photos i need to pass around for my blog this is a major dilemma.

    I'm just using the. .whatever..browser it came with, would maybe trying to use a different browser help? Can i even use another browser? sorry if that sounds dumb, i'm really new to this whole computer thing. Lol.

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