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  1. CFD323

    CFD323 Well-Known Member

    Why don't my past calendar (google calendar) events show up on my Incredible? My future events show up but nothing in the past. I can see them on my laptop but not on the phone. :(

    On my Blackberry I could go back a year and a half to see past events. I hope Android allows this as I really need it for work.

    Otherwise this phone is unbelievable!!

  2. CFD323

    CFD323 Well-Known Member

    Nobody else having this problem?

    I went into my calendar via a PC and deleted a past event, then added it back in again (also via PC) and lo and behold, it showed up on my phone. I don't get this at all...Any ideas??
  3. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    They probably figure you don't care about past events...
  4. CFD323

    CFD323 Well-Known Member

    I wish I didn't...but I do need to see them for work.

    I know I can go to the web and see my old entries that way, but I"d rather go into the calendar widget and do everything I need in 1 place.
  5. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    One thing you may try to do is export your Google Calendar and re-import it. Then sync your calendar to your phone and see if it adds your old events.
  6. nedneff

    nedneff Member

    I am having the same problem. I just upgraded from the Treo 755p-- I could look back to calendar data ten years past.

    I would not necessarily need to go back that far on the Evo, but I need to go back at least a few years. Any ideas? By "exporting the google calendar" what do you mean? exporting it from the online calendar page?

    Any suggestions would be welcome.
  7. pm78

    pm78 New Member

    Does the EVO delete past events this way as well? I also wanted to know if there is a way to color code the events like I could on my Centro? It was nice to be able to look at a month and see colors that would indicate the type of event I had noted.
  8. nedneff

    nedneff Member

    YES. I have an evo and spent almost an hour on the phone speaking with an htc representative and he could not help me with this problem. I am wondering if there are other apps that could handle past dates better...

    I can't believe this can't be fixed in a firmware update.
  9. nedneff

    nedneff Member

    I just received this reply from HTC on the calendar issue:

    Thank you for your reply. I have done some additional research on both the device and on Google Calendar, and have found no option to view or save past events beyond the default option, of it not showing events that are older than two months. I apologize for the inconvenience. There is not a work around this. It is how Google designed the calander.

    I responded asking them to please consider designing this functionality into a future release of the software.

    It sucks that such a basic feature of a calendar application is not included. I have to seriously change the way I do business in the field without this functionality... Still got two weeks to return my phone without penalty...
  10. robbypersaud

    robbypersaud New Member

    Like this form, I have a Droid Pro that cannot view my past calendar entries. This an going issue that NO one seems to know how to resolve. I have contact Verizon 2nd level support and they had no idea what I am talking about. They in turn transfer me to Motoral they transferred me to three different people. The 3rd person told that there is nothing they can do to resolve my issue. For me to speak with my IT dept. I told the lady I am the god damn IT dept. Finally I could not take it anymore, ask to speak with a supervisor. He says that someone from the enterprise department will contact me within 24hrs. It has been 48 hours. At this point I am lost for words. I am livid right now. This is the product that is suppose to replace the iphone for me a friggin break. They have ways to go to even compete. BTW I have from 2 dorid x to droid 2 and to a droid pro. WTF its all the same BS. Freezing over and over. Constantly have to run kill app. WTF is that. Last chance going back to my blackberry if its not resolved. Stay tuned.
  11. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    My calendar syncs to Google all the way back to 2009, I use HTC Widget.

    There are two calendar widgets that I see on my phone, one is Google's one is HTCs.

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