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  1. _frosT_

    _frosT_ New Member

    I've been trying to stream embedded flash videos (movies, tv shows, and animes) on my Samsung Galaxy s3 but after playing 2-3 minutes the video would stop. When you look at the gray "loading" bar it looks like it loaded all the way to the end but it didn't, it just jumped from where the video stopped to the end. The only way to have it playing again is to refresh the page and skip to where it stopped. But it would stop again after a few minutes. I have been looking online to see if anyone has the same issue and if it's been solve but, no such luck.. :confused:

    Samsung Galaxy s3 (AT&T)
    Android 4.0.4
    Adobe Flash Player
    Browsers: Stock, Firefox, DolphinHD
    4g, LTE, wifi - work and home
    Already tried reboot; uninstalling, reinstalling flash

  2. _frosT_

    _frosT_ New Member

    Anyone? Does anybody have the same issue with the flash player or is just me? That would totally suck if it's just me. :(
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    How is your signal strength? Are you using WiFi or Mobile Data 4G. It could be buffering or just slow speed and timing out.
  4. _frosT_

    _frosT_ New Member

    I first tried watching a video using 4g, and that was the first thing that I thought of. I was out having lunch and I thought that the signal was bad where I was. I even finished watching my 20 minute video, patiently restarting every 3 minutes. But then when I went back to work, I tried it over wifi and it was the same thing. I tried it again when I got home and still that same issue.

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