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why Devour?General

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  1. fahadchaudhry

    fahadchaudhry Well-Known Member

    Devour caught my eye because of its design and most importantly physical keyboard. But I just want to know that why should one buy it when phones like Nexus One, HTC desire are in the market with the faster processors and latest OS.
    Those who have Devour, how is your experience with it?

  2. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    The Devour is like an android sidekick. If you're a big facebook, twitter, myspace, social networking kind of guy, then MOTOBLUR will be your best friend. If you're a big texter, even better. The qwerty keyboard is solid and well spaced - though the keyboard being in line with the last row of keys takes a little getting used to. The slide is great, feels solid and makes a hearty noise. The phone itself is a tank. It's brushed aluminum (I think) and mine has withstood a 6 foot drop onto asphalt with minimal scratches on it (none on the screen).

    Why buy it instead of a Nexus One? If you're a fan of a physical keyboard and social networking, then you'll probably want the Devour. I spent hours upon hours playing with mine, but I'm also new to android in general. I've had the phone for about two months now and haven't had a issue. If you want the phone for its physical keyboard and dislike MOTOBLUR, just get rid of all of the social networking widgets/apps on your homescreen. My favorite thing about MOTOBLUR is that when I did break my Devour (completely my fault, waterbottles and phones don't mix), I just reloaded my MOTOBLUR account on my new Devour and it recovered all of my old contacts.
  3. Shawn.Pink

    Shawn.Pink Member

    I used the droid for a month and the devour for about a week now. I have to say I am very impressed with the devour. The only thing that I miss from the droid is the LED flash (ALL phones should have this) and the rest of what I miss are features from bugless beast. Physically I prefer the devour all the way , the phone feel better in my hand, the keypad is MUCH better. Also one thing I've noticed is the call quality is sooooo much better on the devour. I hope this phone gets rooted soon. Also Motoblur is actually pretty nice, but the twitter support is horrible.
  4. Sportster

    Sportster Well-Known Member

    You know,just picking the thing up in the store and checking it out,I much prefer the build to my Droid. If my wife wants a new phone, this will be it. The keyboard is a hundred times better than the Droids POS flat thing. The way the Devour slides open feels much better than the Droid.I like the brushed alum look as well. Need to get this rooted and on the road to better usefulness and it'll give the Droid a run for its money....
  5. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    I had the droid for a little over a week then exchanged it for the Eris because of how it felt, if the Droid would have been built like the Devour I would still own it.
  6. jfrorie

    jfrorie Active Member

    It does. It's real subtle. The '-' that flashes lower left hand corner next to the soft keys lets you know if you have a new message.
  7. Shawn.Pink

    Shawn.Pink Member

    I ment the camera LED flash lol
  8. jfrorie

    jfrorie Active Member

    Ah, yes. Very different. :)

    I'm a little disappointed that the camera can't focus on bar codes. The QR's work fine, but there are lot of applications of the bar code scanner.
  9. I like the Devour because its a mid range phone. Users get the features and apps of the Droid Phones, but with the lower price.

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