Why do email notifications pop up on the status bar before you can acutally see them in Mail?Support

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  1. avi8tir

    avi8tir New Member

    Seems to happen very consistently... the phone beeps and the notice pops up on the status bar at the top... but there is no mail in my inbox. I have 3 email accounts set up... 2 gmail and 1 Exchange.

    There seems be a lag, but why?

  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    It probably has to do with each email accounts settings. I found an interesting thread over on the neowin.net forums that adressed a similar problem on the Samsung Galaxy S3 last years Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S3 and Email Notifications - Neowin Forums scroll down to shakey's post for a possible solution. Yes I know it was easier with your iPhone. I believe that is because your iPhone was designed by the same company that produced your Apple computer.

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