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Why do I get this error on Handcent?Support

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  1. I downloaded Handcent and when I try to use the feature for speak to text it tells me "Recognizer not present."

    Any ideas? Am I just missing another app that is needed?. Thanks for the help.:)

  2. globalninja

    globalninja Well-Known Member

    The speak feature doesnt work for 1.5 i don't think
  3. SITH

    SITH Well-Known Member

    No, it hasn't ever worked. That is why I rooted it on my phone.
  4. Aychdot

    Aychdot Member

    I downloaded "text-to-speech extended" from th market. after loading that, the phone will speak out the texts when asked to do so.
  5. roy-e69

    roy-e69 Member

    how do you ask the phone to do so , as i have both installed ad it wont work? got the desire with android 2.1


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