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  1. LonneWolff

    LonneWolff Well-Known Member

    Ok, recently I've been getting horrible signal on my phone. I am well informed that we've been getting some pretty bad solar flares and it has been effecting signals but I get bad phone signal when everyone else has perfect signal. My phone is rooted but I doubt that rooting has anything to do with signal. If I call sprint, do they have the ability to bump up my signal or something? And don't say it's the reason I might be getting bad signal is because of where I am; I get bad signal at home and school and on my way to school and yeah. If I do call sprint and I complain about my signal problems and they try to fix it, can they detect that my phone is rooted and deny me help?

  2. turkbot

    turkbot Active Member

    No they cant tell if its rooted but they will prolly push a data refresh your way and tha usually helps i have the same problem


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