Why do I need to enter a PIN to use outlook?Support

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  1. wku812

    wku812 New Member

    I had that annoying update message this week and made the mistake of hitting "update". Now I can't do or see anything without entering a 4-number pin everytime I turn the phone on. It doesn't require the pin if I delete my Outlook (work) email. Can't do that because I need it!
    Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

  2. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    I think the PIN is required by your Exchange Administrators. There is nothing you can do. I could be wrong here, however.
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  3. wku812

    wku812 New Member

    I was hoping there was an app to bypass the pin. Went from a bberry to this and now i can't even take a picture without entering a pin. I backdoored the Outlook because my company doesn't support anything but the bberry.
    Love the phone......hate the pin!!

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