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Why do I need to flash a ROM to get root?

  1. RomeSC

    RomeSC Member

    If I just want to get root access on my Behold 2 but do not want to flash a ROM because all I read on every ROM forum is the large amount of problems they each have... how can I do that?

    basically, I want to be able to remove the pre-installed apps that are taking up so much space and never will get used. But to do that I need root. But I do not want to run a different ROM that knocks out my vibration feature, or my wifi stability, etc. etc...

    The phone works fine how it is (with a home replacement that is...). I just want to get rid of that handful of apps.

    Is this possible? (I have already used ODIN to get onto stock OTA 1.6.)

  2. dasanman69

    dasanman69 Well-Known Member

    You do not need to install a custom ROM. Just root and keep it stock. Backup whatever apps you plan on removing.
  3. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    Posted in this forum is a version of stock 1.6 that is already rooted, with no other modifications whatsoever. It was by Nu11u5 I believe. I installed that one and have had no problems.
  4. RomeSC

    RomeSC Member

    Wait I flashed a stock 1.6 by Nu11u5 I believe already. So you're telling me that i have root now because of that? How do I check?

    Also, I had to do a "factory restore settings" to get a new google account sync'd to the phone, and I did this after I flashed the stock 1.6.

    Would that have removed the root (if I ever even had it).

    Not sure how to check, and not sure how to remove the samsung preinstalled apps even if I do have it lol. Havent gotten that far yet.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: "restore factory settings" or whatever it was called in the settings menu, did NOT revert the phone back to 1.5, it stayed on the 1.6 I flashed.
  5. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    To check if you flashed to the rooted version, go to setting, about phone, kernel version. If you see something like "root@sep-56 #1" then it was a rooted kernel. That's what mine reads from Nu11u5's 1.6 stock ROM.

    However, I also did a factory reset after flashing to fix a bug a while back, and as I recall it did mess with my root. I just flashed the same ROM again, reinstalled SuperUser, and got root back.

    In order to remove bloatware (t-mobile's pre-loaded crap) you're going to need to install the Android SDK (google it) on your computer and learn the command line syntax. It's a complicated procedure but there are lots of video and website tutorials out there to help you.

    Hope that helps! :)
  6. virusbetax

    virusbetax Well-Known Member

    i beleve that going with roms like galaxy and take5 will most certainly solve your problem and outwiehg the stock rom.

    if u want check out the new rom created by behold_this it looks very promising!
  7. RomeSC

    RomeSC Member

    What about Apps like this one to remove bloatware?

    Use Android Mate (Free) to remove bloatware from your Android phone | Free Android App Reviews | dotTech

    Sounds kind of interesting.

    The phone is being used by my mother. She doesn't know the first thing about anything tech related, but I upgraded to a Nexus One and gave her my phone (basically for the wifi).

    I know stock rom isn't great, but it does everything its supposed to without losing any features. A good home replacement (best I have found for 1.6 is GDE), a keyboard replacement and removal of the junk apps filing up the phones memory will be perfect for her I think.

    How does that app look?
  8. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I wasn't aware that such an app existed below 2.1. Very cool. It looks all right, and since somebody wrote such a detailed review on it, it's probably safe to assume that it does what it says (operative word: probably). Keep in mind that a lot of apps on the android market also do things like giving away some of your demographic info and such...anyways, do some more research to make sure it's safe before you download it, and that the developer isn't a scam artist or something. I can't give you any indication as to how well it will work or if it's legitimate, but it LOOKS okay.

    BTW, be sure to find a way to backup anything before you remove it. Just in case.
  9. virusbetax

    virusbetax Well-Known Member

    ive seen the app before but never needed it since i downloaded a om with bloatware removed already.

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