Why do my Contact Shortcuts have DIFFERENT ICONS??

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  1. BigSteve82

    BigSteve82 Member

    Alright, I've changed this setting before but I just can't remember how I did it...

    First and foremost, I have a Nexus One running CM7.0 and Launcher Pro

    I have a page that is full of contacts that I access most often. I just recently changed the picture of a contact and, in order to update the pic on the contact shortcut that I made, I had to erase the old shortcut and add a new one after updating the contact pic. When I did this, however, it added a different type of contact icon than what I have set as all the others.

    Here's a pic:

    As you can see, the contact icon in the top middle is completely different than the rest. They used to all pop up like that but I've been able to change it in the past...I just don't remember how!

    I just want all the icons to look the same and I don't like the style that has popped up on there (I believe it's the default Android icon)...I want the style with the white border/bigger pictures.

    I'd also like to note that nothing else on my phone has changed since updating to CM7 several months ago and adding Launcher Pro.....I was able to create all of the other contact shortcut icons with exactly the same phone setup as I still have currently.

    Any help is MUCH appreciated!

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Probably the shortcut type. You can create shortcuts to the contact, direct dials, direct message, etc.
  3. BigSteve82

    BigSteve82 Member

    Not sure why this topic was moved to the Nexus One forum since this isn't an N1 problem, but OK...

    Anyways, to takeshi, I am aware of the different shortcut types. Every contact shortcut I've made has been to the contact itself meaning that when the icon on the homescreen is pressed a popup menu comes up with Call, Email, Text, Facebook, etc for me to choose.

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