Why do we put up with this crap?

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  1. J_G_1967

    J_G_1967 Member

    I keep wondering why we tolerate this phone. Constant lock up, buggy software, blue-tooth that won't work worth a crap, voice dialer that isn't, sudden feedback loops that cause the phone to scream, and GPS that has to have some hacker make a work around for it to find itself!
    Seriously, I am about done. I have put up with so-called "upgrades" that fix one thing yet create new issues. And the "fix" is to reset the phone and start over or, revert back to a previous software release? Excuse me, but give me a freakin' break.
    When it works, it's a great phone. But I never hear of my friends with iphones having to yank the battery out of their phones every two or three days just to make a damn phone call.
    Count me as one of the folks that will NEVER have another Samsung phone.
    Praying for upgrade day.

  2. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member

    My wife didn't. She paid the early termination fee and went to the iPhone4S. At least we have one phone that is dependable for GPS now.

    I like the Samsung screen but can't see myself going back once my upgrade is due. Too many bugs as you said. I shouldn't have to fix the phone myself, the manufacturer should have put out a working product.
  3. xTmDarren

    xTmDarren Well-Known Member

    no problems here.. of course I'm rooted with a custom rom..
  4. brokenfruit

    brokenfruit Member

    Well yes there are a few bugs here and there...
    But i dont want an iphone. The iphone has a good system, but it is just too limited. You cant really do anything creative to it than maybe changing the background. That is, without jailbreaking the phone.
    But i do admit, the freezing thing and having to take out the battery is quite absurd, but it doesnt happen every few days. happened about three times to me though.
    I dont use the other features like bluetooth or voice dial so i wouldnt know about that.
  5. lossfabulous

    lossfabulous New Member

    The Epic is my third Android phone. I never had any problems with any of my earlier Android hardware (both HTC handsets, a G1 and a MT3GS). Didn't matter if I was running the factory ROM or ROMs that were allegedly well beyond their capabilities. Slow, sometimes... unstable, never.

    My Epic has been a piece of garbage since I got it 13 months ago. It's only getting worse. My GPS worked out of the box (unlike my wife's Epic, which has NEVER had working GPS), but it hasn't functioned since Froyo. I'm having to reboot at least once a day and pull the battery at least once a week, always for the dumbest possible reasons-- stock camera app hard-locks the phone, Gmail app can't seem to get a mail out and requires multiple reboots and resends, some background process goes absolutely haywire and decides to suck down all the remaining battery in 30 minutes while nearly literally burning a hole in my pocket, you name it.

    And I am a pretty light user / really don't use the phone for much-- a handful of calls and texts, the occasional emergency Gmail read or web browsing when my laptop can't score wifi, and Spotify.

    I am here looking for sensible background info on good third-party ROMs, since sorting out threads on XDA gives me a headache within 15 minutes a la going into Wal-Mart.

    I've been a big fan of Samsung products for a long time-- except their phones. I had an earlier dumbphone of theirs years ago that was also totally horrid. I thought they would have stepped their game up by now.

    Oh, and the slideout keyboard SUCKS. 13 months into my contract and I still make typos left and right on this thing, either from keys not picking up or from who knows what. My HTC phones had keyboards that were immediately intuitive from day one and never let me down. Better than no keyboard, granted, which is all we seem to be left with. Hey, phone devs: Not everyone needs a phone 2mm thick or enjoys being limited to 10-15wpm when they have better things to do with their day. SLIDEOUT KEYBOARDS PLEASE.
  6. marquisdee1018

    marquisdee1018 Well-Known Member

    I've never had any problems with mine. I'm running CM7 on mine. My girlfriend on the other hand, has had plenty of problems with her's. She is running completely stock.
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  7. BubZX

    BubZX Well-Known Member

    I have 3 epics in my house hold and not a single problem with any of them. Gps is flawless key board does not skip one letter no matter how fast u type. Dont ever have to do battery pulls.

    O hold on.. i rooted all three and run cleanGB on all 3. Lol this rom is how the phone should have came out of the box. Root and flash guys and u will be amazed at how ur phone runs.

    I know u shouldnt have to do it to have a good working phone but the devs and themers at xda do one hell of a job on this phone. Read and research before u root. And ask questions when u dont know.
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  8. J_G_1967

    J_G_1967 Member

    I have been reading all about Clean GB and glad to hear your thoughts. I think that is my next step. My phone's rooted and but still running stock. That is about to change. :D
    But it is about criminal the bugs and the crap stock users have to put up with.
    Thanks for your post!
  9. marquisdee1018

    marquisdee1018 Well-Known Member

    Clean GB is a really good ROM. I flashed it to my girlfriend's epic and its like a new phone. Pretty much a really clean version of the stock ROM. If I wasn't running CM9, I would run it on my epic.
  10. J_G_1967

    J_G_1967 Member

    CleanGB is great. I have been reading about CM9. Looks amazing but not ready to be an early adopter yet! It looks incredible and am going to make the jump maybe when it goes to Beta. lol
    Still can't believe that these ROM's actually are more stable and eliminate all the crap Sprint makes you put up with. I actually like the football and Nascar app's but I want the ability to dl it if I want it.
    Thanks for all the replies! xda seems to be able to make the phone work like it's supposed to!
  11. J_G_1967

    J_G_1967 Member

    In case anyone is sick of their phone and is going to upgrade, you owe it to yourself to root and run some of the custom ROM's out there. I cannot get over the fact that the guys at XDA can make this phone work like it is capable of working when Sprint and Samsung have such issues. Love my phone again.
  12. jessbj0312

    jessbj0312 Member

    Not many issues with mine... when there is, I figure out what it is and how to fix it. Maybe it's the user and not the phone (j/k), but seriously, don't give up on it yet, I've had mine since 11/10, and still love it :) I'm curious what is cleangb?
  13. marquisdee1018

    marquisdee1018 Well-Known Member

  14. ZoSo925

    ZoSo925 Active Member

    Amen, Amen, Amen !! I love this phone and running CleanGB makes me love it more
  15. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Cm9 Beta0 = <3
  16. marquisdee1018

    marquisdee1018 Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's what I'm running now.
  17. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Just make sure you go for the MTD version so you can easily go to CM9 and back. I've been using CleanGB for a bit waiting on CM9 to be ready for a daily driver.
  18. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Cm9 has been ready as a daily driver imo. Btw Beta 1 is out.
  19. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    keep reading about little issues here and there so I don't mind waiting until RC1 or enough downtime where I don't have to worry about something emergent for work. Besides, I don't use the stock launcher, and i don't really want for anything that ICS brins so I'm not in a rush.
  20. jimweda

    jimweda Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to find a reliable and straight answer as to how to "Root" my still stock Epic since it was on Froyo. The more I read the more I seem to get lost. Every where I read it seems like the camps are divided in how to root successfully.

    Is there one place someone like myself who is dying to root their phone, running totally stock GB. Seems like if you didn't root before leaving Froyo there always seems to be some kind of issue keeping some people from getting stuck at certain steps. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am one of those who has been sick and tired of my constant force closes, freezes, battery pulls and all the other headaches non-rooted phones seem to be dealing with on not a daily basis but more of an hourly basis. And all this bloatware is just driving me crazy.

    Someone please point me to a link where I can follow step by step and end up with CleanGB or CM9. Thanks again.


    P.S. For the longest time the reason I couldn't root my phone was because I didn't have a PC and could never root through my Mac's because any method required System Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and I was stuck on 10.4.1. I do now have my HP Pavillion working since I finally figured out that my memory chips were the culprit and am running at full speed using Vista. Now I'm just working on getting my phone to show up on the computer even though it says everything is working and all the required drivers are installed. I just don't seem to be able to physically see it like I could on my Mac.
  21. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    [HOW TO] Root, Flash Roms/Kernels/Themes, CWM, and update! (67 videos) 8/7/11]Here's the main thread on XDA w/links to youtube vids to walk you through the steps.

    If I'm not mistaken you have to run through odin twice. The first time is just a setup to allow the rooting to stick. The second time roots with CWM. Then you boot into CWM and flash superuser. Nothing difficult to it. I've had three epics in the past few months and have done them all with no issue once realized I had to odin first with some patch to get root to stick.
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  22. jimweda

    jimweda Well-Known Member

    Thanks dbpaddler. I'll go check the link out and watch the one's that apply to my situation and see if its different from the one's I've gone through in the past. I'll update here if I find success. Have a great one.

  23. monkey30butt

    monkey30butt Member

    It may be easier to Odin back to EB13 or EC05 & root under Froyo then Flash your custom ROM. That is the way I prefer to go about it anyway, if I am doing a clean install.

    I am currently running CleanGB MTD & it is the best ROM I have ever run, by far. Plus it is realy nice to have about 700MB internal storage available. :D

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