Why does my Evo think I'm in Detroit?

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  1. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    The World Clock app thinks my current location is Detroit and I can't seem to disabuse it of that notion. I am actually near Washington. This minor problem has persisted since release day.

  2. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    are you rooted?
  3. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Well-Known Member

    It happens some times. Mine used to say I was in Paris, LOL!!

    You can set a shorter frequency per update, that should resolve it more quickly.
  4. chisolmy

    chisolmy Member

    How do you set the a shorter frequency?
  5. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    Not rooted. Other apps (like Inserty) know where I am.
  6. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    When I go to AppsMenu-Clock-World clock-
    there is a clock for "Detroit" that I cant delete it. And even though I dont see it, Its killing me !
  7. clickclack

    clickclack Well-Known Member

    Your not in Detroit by any chance are you? :eek:
  8. x081967

    x081967 Member

    My clock / weather widget used to say I'm in Providence, RI when I'm in the DC area. I had to manually set the location, which was a bummer.
  9. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    all you need to do is add another clock. then delete the old one there has to be atleast 1 time in there and thats your prob
  10. Kal Al

    Kal Al New Member

    Same problem with my incredible. In DC right now, it thinks I'm in Detroit. It also thinks the time on the east coast is 2pm (same as Detroit). I can delete every city on the world clock except for 'current' (detroit) and 'home' (eastern time). If i were to add a calendar event while it's being stupid like this, that event would be listed on the calendar as being in Detroit time.
  11. billgio

    billgio New Member

    Mine was saying I was in Shenzhen, China for a couple hours the other day
  12. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    Yea, mine says Chicago and when I type in a different location, it says the location doesn't exist. This thing is pretty worthless - especially for being so prominent on the main page of the phone.
  13. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    Because for less than the price of a subsidized evo, you can buy a house.

    And, for a about the monthly price of the Evo $10/month plan, you can pay the mortgage on a house that could actually pass an inspection.

    The Evo may be big, but it isn't 900 square feet (I'm assuming the houses you hear selling for $100 aren't that big.)
  14. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    It thinks I'm in Kansas when the GPS isn't on.

    I guess I should name my Evo Dorthy and tell her we're not in Kansas anymore. :p
  15. tsipa

    tsipa Well-Known Member

    My friend had the same problem with the Incredible... turn on your GPS and refresh... should fix it for you.
  16. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    Maybe it hears gunfire in the background.
  17. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    if you wanna fix this problem just go to settings and check the box in location that says "use wireless networks"
  18. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... not on this end.
  19. ProudPapaG

    ProudPapaG Active Member

    I know how to fix this:

    We all trade phones with each other. Anyone in WallaWalla need an EVO?


  20. MKREdit

    MKREdit Active Member

    I'm experiencing the same problem I guess I'm lucky that Detroit and Brooklyn are in the same time zone.
  21. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Given that I'm from Detroit, I'll give you this: it's a great place to be from.


    We're Not Detroit!

    (bummer that it won't play embedded... it's pretty good - I encourage watching that one)

    Meanwhile again....

    Detroit Sux - But Why?

    Meanwhile - ready to trade mine for someone in Boise....
  22. searcher61

    searcher61 Member

    Yeah... send it to me... I am very close to Detroit!!
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  23. edriggers

    edriggers Well-Known Member

    Hmm... has it seen you shoot anybody recently?
  24. GTCharged

    GTCharged Active Member

    Mine says I'm in Detroit too. Difference is, I actually am :p
  25. GTCharged

    GTCharged Active Member

    Okay, now that I see how you guys act towards Detroit in this forum, and actually think that you can buy a house with anywhere near the price of a Evo 4g, this second post is my last.
    Hint Hint: Houses go for $20K at the very least, that's with the house gutted.
    Horrible Forum.

    EDIT: I didn't notice you guys were being sarcastic. Sorry. read down further for explanation.

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