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why does my phone charge so slow since i updated to JBSupport

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  1. Devon is Cool

    Devon is Cool Well-Known Member

    ever i updated to jb my phone charges super super super slow. i turned my phone off to let it charge for 2 hours and it was at 10 % when i turned it back on and it was at 1 when i turned it off anyone know how to make it charge faster

  2. BlackGravity

    BlackGravity Well-Known Member

    mine too.. but i don't mind too much.
  3. sno

    sno Active Member

    Turning off WiFi or 3g/4g usually helps mine charge faster... at least that was the case while on ICS.
  4. micku92

    micku92 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried charging the phone while is turned off? That should help.
  5. poipoi2

    poipoi2 Member

    I didn't have battery issues with the "prerelease" FL14 version of Jellybean.

    I noticed that "Media" was draining my battery rapidly with GB28. I also noticed my SD card was taking longer to load when the phone was powered on. I put my SD card in my computer and chkdsk'd it, and it looks like some thumbnails in one of the camera folders were corrupted. The Media task still drained the battery more than I liked. I used Rescan Media Root to disable it, and my battery life is now the best it's ever been. The only downside is I need to re-enable Media if I want to do something like listen to MP3's.

    This drain from the Media task appears to be a known issue that Google hasn't resolved.
  6. poipoi2

    poipoi2 Member

    In case anyone still has problems, I kept working on this....

    Somehow my 32gb SanDisk memory card was corrupted or damaged during the upgrade. I tried tried transferring files off, reformatting, and putting files back on but the media issue still returned.

    I ultimately just moved my files to an old 16gb Adata card I had around, and the background media problem vanished. No more battery drain or phone getting hot, and everything works as it should.

    Reformatted the SanDisk card with SDformatter, and it appears fine for all other uses, best I can tell.

    Soooo... battery drain was coming from some kind of SD card issue. There seem to be lots of complaints about the 32gb SanDisk cards working in android phones elsewhere....

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