why does the android market keep saying my device isn't comatible?

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  1. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Running liquid 3.2, as title states all the sudden the market says my device isn't compatible. Even on apps I already have in my TB??? It started after Christmas, I am pretty sure I didn't change anything.

    edit: no one smashed me for "comatible" thanks guys!

  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    The rom may change your device ID which can make it not work for some apps. Try going to the Android market website on a CPU to see if it shows them as compatible.

    If the apps already installed were restored via a backup program and attached to the market then an update becomes available but you can't download the update this is likely the cause. You can flash a stock rom and update, make backups then restore liquid to get the updates, if you really need/want them
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  3. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    Go into the build prop file and change the model from HTC Thunderbolt to ADR6400L or Mecha.

    I don't know why Liquid does that, but its one of the first things I change when setting up a new ROM.
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  4. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but how do I do that? Root explorer?
  5. Jrocker23

    Jrocker23 Well-Known Member

    Yes, root explorer. Put it into write mode then look or search build prop and open it and change to adr6400L
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  6. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    thanks but I changed it to both, and I still get the same thing in the market. I think this started when I upgraded to liquid 3.2.
  7. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    The only other option would be to use a PC and try to download the apps from the market.

    I'm on 3.2 right now, what's an app you're trying to download?
  8. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Luckily nothing, but I annoyed this is happening. I really like 3.2, but it keeps telling stuff like flash player, gta3, all sorts of stuff are not compatible. This phone does weird things, GTA3 wouldn't, I unstalled it 3 different times and then it worked.
  9. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    Weird, changing the model to ADR6400L always enabled every app in the market except those blocked by VZW like wireless tether for example.

    I did have problems with the market updater in 3.2, and it not downloading apps. I side loaded the newest market after uninstalling it and everything has been fine since then.

    Wonder if that had something to do with the errors you were seeing?
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  10. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    On the pc the market shows me having 2 phones, one is HTC ThunderBolt, which it shows as compatible, and the newly named adr6400L, which it shows as incompatible.

    Ok, this will show my inexperience, but sideloading is using mass storage right (from pc)? Where do I get a new market link at? Do I place it on my sd card or the root?
  11. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    Yeah my PC shows 2 devices, except it says both are compatible. Doesn't seem to matter which one I send an app to, it'll start the DL.

    Here's the link I used for the market (Download: New Android Market Version 3.4.4 – Droid Life)

    I downloaded and renamed it to vending.apk to match the current market. Used TiBu to uninstall the current market and then moved the apk to system>app, select and install, then reboot. Make sure the permissions match before installing. Should be rw-r--r--.

    For whatever reason, when it updated the market to 3.4.4 all my downloads/updates would freeze. After installing it manually its been fine.

    Still seems strange its saying ADR6400L is incompatible though. Did you reboot after you changed the model from HTC Thunderbolt in build prop?
  12. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

  13. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    ok any reason for my backup that i made tonight listing being dated as 1/6/1980????
  14. digdug1

    digdug1 Well-Known Member

    Your name isn't Marty is it lol! :b
  15. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Wow, something was real jacked up with that rom! I wasn't getting any emails to my phone on gmail (my boss emailed me twice about work, never knew cause i never check on the p/c) The market is updating all of my apps as soon as I restored to 3.1.

    Is anyone else have any problems with 3.2? When it first came out I tried running it and it put my phone in bootloop, so I waited until recently to try again and it seemed like everything was fine until this. The back up being dated 1/6/1980 was strange. It seemed like nothing from google would work at all.

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