Why does the emulator come on when I want to test in a device?

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  1. StevenHu

    StevenHu Well-Known Member

    I just plugged in an Android phone. In Eclipse, I right-clicked on the program name, clicked on Run As, then on 1 Android Application. Instead of starting up in the device, the emulator started up.

    How do I choose which one to run it on? It always chose the device when I plugged it in before.


  2. cr5315

    cr5315 Well-Known Member Developer

    Go into your run configurations and choose the project you're trying to run. Go to the target tab and choose manual. This will make Eclipse ask you what to run the app on the first time. After that, it will run with whatever you chose the first time.
  3. StevenHu

    StevenHu Well-Known Member

    I found out the reason. The person had not set his device to debug mode.

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