Why Has No One Made A Facebook Widget With These Features?

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  1. Pharylon

    Pharylon New Member

    Blur. People are always ragging on it, and with good reason. The home screen sucks, for instance. But they did one or two things right, and one thing I desperately miss from those days is the Blur "Social Network" widget. It's such a mind-numbingly simple idea I can't fathom why no one has duplicated it's functionality in a third party widget.

    Here's what you need: Take a regular Facebook style widget (like Seesmic) and give me the functionality to (1) strip out all Farmville and other such third party app notifications and (2) allow me to select who's updates I want to see, and get a ping when they do.

    Seriously! How does this not exist yet?!? I have a hundred Facebook "friends" but there's less than a dozen I really care about enough to have their notifications pushed to my homescreen. When my best bud updates his status... ping! My notification tone sounds and, hey, right there on my homescreen is his post. I can then click on the widget displaying that info to "Like," Comment, etc.

    Why, oh why, do no other social widgets do this besides Blur's? It drives me crazy! Someone, do this and charge $.99 for it, and you'll be a millionaire! OK, maybe not, but a thousandaire! C'mon, already!

  2. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Do it man. Learn. Go grab something like AppsBar it's a good place to start. Btw, charging for apps isn't a long term good idea. Write apps that excite people, or widgets, and embed ads in the apps. Long term revenue stream
  3. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    If u don't care though, I can do it, I think. Lol

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