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  1. GamerRO25

    GamerRO25 Member

    I think the S4 is the best android phone but i dont like that much the camera. Still pictures in daylight are very good but video is not that good.

    It has a 13mpx camera so why is the FOV so narrow? if you activate video stabilisation it gets even smaller! The video quality is not bad but FOV is smalled than the S3 and much smalled than HTC ONE, why did samsung do this?

    I understand that you get more detail in a smaller FOV but you have a 13mpx camera and a fast cpu so why not make the FOV "normal" and get bitrate much higer like 22, 23mbs?!

    SAMSUNG are you reading this? ;)

    and also where is the HDR video recording? S4 is the only flagship android device without hdr video recording

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    What does FOV have to do with CPU, RAM or the amount of megapixels in the camera?

    It is only about the lens. They made the lens the way they made it so Field of View is the way it is.
  3. GamerRO25

    GamerRO25 Member

    I did not know all that stuff


    but why did they make the lens like that? Did they not test the lens before they release it in the new flagship?? FOV should be much better with each new phone... If you look at a video between the S4 and the HTC one ... not that good for the S4
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    They made a decision to make it that way. Just like every camera, there are choices to be made and there must have been a reason behind that decision

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