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Why is my HTC Desire HD deleting my photos and videos?Support

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  1. stevenb1988

    stevenb1988 New Member


    I'm new to the forum and only joined because I am having problems with my phone. Firstly, it destroyed the SD card that came with it. I couldn't even find it if I put it into another phone or into my computer. This happened after I put music on it from my PC. Someone told me I have to snyc my phone to the PC to stop this happening. This seems a bit stupid, saying I cannot use my phone like a USB without it breaking.

    So I have borrowed a SD card from my friend. Now, the phone has decided to delete the odd photo or two. This seems to happen when I turn it off and on! The main reason I got this phone is for the camera, which is pretty useless if your photos are removed. A reboot, seems to have sorted this but it is annoying to have to do this for a "smart" phone.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, stevenb1988. Sorry to see you're having issues with your device.

    Are you sure that the media coming up missing is actually on the SD card, and is not being stored in the phone's internal memory?

    Have you been able to successfully view your SD card's contents on your PC via USB cable? Be sure USB debugging is enabled in menu > settings > applications > development, before attaching that cable, then make the choice to not "charge only."

    If the SD card is losing data, that is often the fault of the card itself (but not always, of course). I'd invest in a new, high quality SD card before doing anything else, just to have that assurance that something else is in need of troubleshooting other than a corrupted card.
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  3. stevenb1988

    stevenb1988 New Member

    After I rebooted the photos were back so there is no problems with the SD card. I have no idea why they just disappeared from the gallery and I hope it doesn't continue.

    I'm not wanting to attach my phone to my laptop till I know how to stop it from killing the SD card saying I'm borrowing it from a friend. When I was attached with my old sd card I could see and do everything you would expect. I downloaded a few songs on it and it seemed fine till i turned it on the next day. Then it was dead. Do I have to sync it like I have heard? I don't want to waste moneytrying and it dying again
  4. bendubz1

    bendubz1 New Member

    Hi there, i'm new to this forum as i recently recieved a htc desire for my birthday :)

    However, after a few days of having it i noticed one big problem, it doesn't save any new photos that i take!!!

    Basically the first 5 photos that i have taken are saved, along with the 13 preset photos that comes with the phone itself, however, any new photos that I end up taking get deleted and completely wiped away with no trace!!! I know this as i have experimented a few times, taking photos before connecting to my computer, but once connected the photos are no-where to be seen!!!

    Also, new photos get deleted whenever i turn my phone on and off.

    The memory card that I'm using is the 4gb one that came with the phone, I haven't changed it.

    And another strange issue is that i can't actually get rid of the 18 photos on my phone (13 preset photos and the first 5 photos i took), as i have tried to delete them several times, but when i turn my phone on and off, or even when it becomes the next day, the photos come back from being deleted!!! It's like they don't want to leave me :confused:

    Please can somebody help me? i don't really know what to do!
  5. murrki

    murrki New Member

    I am having exactly the same experience, its terrible particularly as i have naughty pics of me and my new missus on the HTC HD Desire which i can not delete - i can't let the kids near my phone........ please help..
  6. bendubz1

    bendubz1 New Member

    i just bought a new 4gb memory card for
  7. marcSchram

    marcSchram New Member

    I discovered that my mobile deletes the recent pictures, mostly after a day. When my normal camera had problems I thought I had a reserve camera in my mobile. The strange thing is that some pictures loaded as attachments are not deleted. There is enough storage space. The delete takes place the moment I start the camera function or picture gallery. With the the gallery you see in a flash the old number of pictures with an immediate delete to zero pictures. i cant find any parameter for automatic delete after a set time. If a memory is full I should at least receive a warning!
  8. golferguy13

    golferguy13 New Member

    hi all i have a htc phone which randomly deletes pics i have downloaded.

    it first happened when i connected to a pc. but last nite it happened just as the battery was getting low.

    can i restore these pics.
  9. golferguy13

    golferguy13 New Member

    to add to the last message.about a month ago my youtube app stopped working but now it has restored itself.
  10. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    I had this problem and it was cured by buying a new SD card. The photos don't get deleted as such. They should still be there on your device after a rescan. I also found un-mounting and mounting the SD card sometimes brought the photos back.

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