Why is my ringtone set but is not previewed correctly on the volume? HELP :(

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    When turning up the volume it would give you also the sample of your ringtone that was chosen. I chose a specific notification tone and when turning up the volume in the sounds setting, on media the tone is different. Frustrates me? Whats up :mad:? What is the difference from media and notification, anyways? Any help is very appreciated :)

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    Jan 18, 2011
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    When I turn my volume up, it just spits out a beep that has no relation to any of my sounds; ringtone, notication, music or otherwise.

    Ringtones and notifications, as well as (optionally) their levels, are chosen independently.

    Settings > Sound > Volume and Phone Ringtone and Notification Ringtone
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    Thank you so much!! :)

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