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Why is the camera on this phone so bad?General

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  1. Daniel Droid

    Daniel Droid Member

    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, maybe my phone is defective, but the camera is horrible. My LG-dare(3.2mp), and Samsung reality(3.2mp) had way better picture quality then this 8.0mp camera...

    Also is there any way to take a video with the volume buttons or lock key?

  2. ~aRBy~

    ~aRBy~ Well-Known Member

    Yea, when you are in the camera app hit the "gear" icon to bring up the camera or camcorder settings, then second option down is "Volume Key Function" press that and you can have it either zoom or capture. If you have it set to capture, either the up or down buttom will take the picture, or start/stop recording if in video mode
  3. Daniel Droid

    Daniel Droid Member

    Im using 8mp images(after confirming with the gear icon) and it is pretty bad, the resolution when I upload the picture to my computer is 2448 horizontal by 3264 vertical. But it looks like a 498x664 image that was stretched/zoomed to 2448x3264. Well I will take a picture with my old phone then this one to show you guys the difference.
  4. TG1

    TG1 Well-Known Member

    Motorola has never seemed to pay much attention to their camera quality. My experience with the Droid X, Razr Maxx, and the M has been very average. Not atrocious, but certainly nothing to write home about.
  5. nealoc187

    nealoc187 Member

    it seems OK to me in decent light (i.e. outdoors during the day). In low light though when flash is required is when it gets annoying. It seems like it is focused, and then you press the shutter button and it searches for a focus again and flashes about 4 times and takes an unfocused picture.

    Here is an outside picture I took in very overcast lighting. It's no iphone 5 camera.

    edit: my photobucket is resizing the pics on its own. trying to rectify that so i can display the full size pic.

    edit2: since i have a free photobucket the largest size i can produce from it is 2048x1536

  6. arej00dazed

    arej00dazed Active Member

    my Droid 2 had a GREAT camera! Fast, great quality and color. I've taken pictures with it that my stepfather (who is a retired photographer) said it looked almost professional.

    The Razr M camera just blows. WTH happened Moto?
  7. RoboCuz

    RoboCuz Well-Known Member

    It isn't just you; I was just complaining to others about this the other day. The camera is really just awful. I have come from an HTC Incredible and HTC Incredible 2, and both those cameras really rocked. This is pitiful in comparison; they are out of focus nearly all the time. Even in focus, they look poor. Indoors, it takes forever to take pictures, it delays etc,as another poster mentioned.

    I have just recently (yesterday) purchased a camera app replacement (Camera ZOOM fx), to see if that will help. I think it might help with the long delay in taking pictures in lower light, but I think the driver/hardware is really the culprit unfortunately, so not much to be done.

    Anyone else have a camera app that has had any better luck? It does seem with the little playing I have done that Camera ZOOM fx does seem to at least take them faster and "in focus" (as best it can focus) in low light.

    I also noticed something interesting in playing with the new camera app. I am able to choose where to focus, and then take the picture, and it seems that frequently, if I choose to focus on one thing that was slightly further away than another, the closer one is in better focus than the one I selected....this seems to be a driver issue, if I had to guess. So maybe someday they will correct this in a driver update.

  8. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    In low light, adjust the Exposure. Works pretty well. I think most 'problems' people have with the camera is not being able to work a camera. They left some manual input abilities and doing so will get you good photos. If you want some good Macro(close up) photos, use the app "Magnifier". It works very well for that.
    Another problem is trying to use it on Auto all the time. Turn the flash off and you will, most times, get better pictures.
    I actually think the camera is pretty decent. It's a phone, not a camera ;)

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