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  1. cyberrico

    cyberrico Well-Known Member

    There's no hissing or distortion, it's just flat. The bass doesn't pound at all. On my computer with my gaming headphones (not even expensive ones) music roars at my very soul. On my Note, it's just ho hum.

    First I thought it was my headphones so I bought some better ones. Not fantastic but the most popular headphones on Amazon. There was an improvement over the garbage I was using but still no major improvement. So I bought even better headphones. No difference.

    Then I messed with the equalizer in Play Music. This was a vast improvement but it was inconsistent from song to song. Some songs blared too loud, others didn't change much at all. So then I tried another music player. No difference.

    Any suggestions?

  2. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Try Power Amp - probably the best music player out there. The equaliser in it has options to make presets and is extremely comprehensive.

    As for some songs blaring and others not changing much this is because some are recorded quieter than others. There is a PC app (not used for ages and I'm not at my PC) that can re record all your collection at one level so this problem will not reoccur, but I can't recall it's name.
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  3. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Audacity can edit music like that, but you have to set the level manually. Just setting all your music files to the same level as one file you like isn't that difficult.
  4. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Quality depends on bit-rate. What bit-rate are you encoding/ripping your music at? I rip mine as 192 KBPS mp3 files and they sound great.
  5. cyberrico

    cyberrico Well-Known Member

    Power Amp. We have a winner. Thanks.
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yup. I'll continue to back up every/any post mentioning PowerAmp! Been using it for 4 years on Android, now, and it's still so awesome. Only thing they could do to make it even better is SYNC options.
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  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    One of the first things I put on any new phone!
    Glad the solution works for you; too!!
  8. trparky

    trparky Well-Known Member

    It's amazing what a good equalizer app can do to the quality of music output.

    I personally encode at nothing less than 192 Kbps, I try and go for 256 Kbps whenever possible. Most of the MP3s I do get are from Amazon.com and they encode at 256 Kbps VBR. Even then I need a good equalizer to bring back what the MP3 encoding took out during the encode process.

    Not only that but not all MP3 decoders are equal. Some are better than others.
  9. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I concur. All my mp3's, I have set for the highest quality possible (which is part of the reason I always require a microSD, since my preference is to have a file, rather than relying on the cloud). Makes for such a great listening experience and I rarely (if ever) worry about audio quality...another reason I've become somewhat obsessed with bluetooth playback (over wired playback). There was much talk, early on, about there being sound degradation on bluetooth audio playback, but I have yet to experience that...especially using PowerAmp.
  10. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Just a tip, for PowerAmp (and to go along with the theme of increasing sound quality). If you are like me, I connect to several different bluetooth devices throughout the course of the day (morning & evening commute-bluetooth adapter in car; work week-LG Tone+ & Sony MW1; Nightime-Panasonic BT speaker/V-tech BT home phone). All the different devices benefit from different BT profiles, so with PowerAmp, I've optimized (using the equalizer) for each device. It provides for the best experience listening to music.

    What's great is that PowerAmp has a quick toggle on the player itself (one of the icons on the top right, in the player itself), that allows me to quick change the audio profile.

    Now, for those that use Tasker (which, I'm afraid is still a little intimidating for me, even though I have purchased the full version), I wouldn't be surprised if there's a way to set it up so that the profile switches automatically, depending on where you are.
  11. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    For someone like me who is old(er) and (getting) wrinkly only newer recordings on CD's from a decent Hi-Fi system sound really good. Even huge "lossless" WAV audio files aren't quite as good, sounding "squashed" and slightly "mudddy" on the same equipment as the CD they were ripped from. Mp3s have to be ripped from CD at 320kbps to be acceptable to my spoilt ears. I won't buy downloads any lower quality.
  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    It's understandable. All the ripped music I have is done at the highest quality, even if I have a few that are at lower.
  13. HothTron

    HothTron Member

    Power Amp eh for MP3 playback? Is it freaking pop up ad filled?
  14. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    No, but it is a limited trail app. It will only work for 15 days.
  15. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Yes, but if you haven't bought it by then I'd be surprised. It is rather brilliant at what it does.
  16. pdqgp

    pdqgp Well-Known Member

    ^^ this hands-down. Power Amp is killer.
  17. pdqgp

    pdqgp Well-Known Member

    ^^ this too. I love knowing that it is configured for my Bluetooth devices and headphones differently and that I can quickly switch my EQ profile from my car to my kitchen Bose system to the Jambox in my bathroom so easily.
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  18. mgiazzi

    mgiazzi Member

    Try downloading a 192khz/24bit music file and the quality is amazing! Better than MP3 by a long shot... The galaxy note 3 is 1 out of the 3 phones out there that supports this music file format..

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