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  1. unclejimmyb

    unclejimmyb Member

    I just bought this phone as an upgrade (I thought), to my HTC One V. However come to find out there is no App2SD support for this phone. Why is this? Is there a workaround or an update to come? This could really turn out to be a deal-breaker for me. I have some games that are close in size to the 2GB of available storage. How can such a new phone not support this when it has been available for years. Can someone enlighten me?

  2. jgraves12

    jgraves12 Well-Known Member

    I believe I can. Google completely removed the featured that allowed phones to save app data to SD cards on the ICS android version and since this phone is relevantly new with little or no dev support no one has been able to root or build custom roms to get around this issue. I know, it sucks, but we just have to bear with it until this phone gets a bit more dev support.
  3. AlwaysSmile

    AlwaysSmile Active Member

    This is a Google removal since Android version 4.0.4 the One V still support it cuz it runs on 4.0.3
  4. silver20

    silver20 Member

    Yeah I was blind sided by the lack of App2SD on this device. I like the phone, but had I known this, I surely would have considered another model.

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