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Why No Flash?

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  1. buttonstc

    buttonstc Member

    I recently bought the seven inch galaxy tab and was shocked that it doesn't play Flash

    This was one of my biggest gripes about Apples walled garden approach which drove me to Android instead of getting an iPad

    The Acer had it, so why not Samsung.

    And what can I do about it or must I return this thing .

  2. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    Your device manufacturer isn't to blame. Adobe has discontinued its support of Flash for Android, since about the time Android 4.0 came out. There are ways to install it manually, but nothing official. Hopefully, more sites will increase their HTML5 support, as some already have.

    If it's installed on an old device, it will stay there.
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  3. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Well-Known Member

    Google adobie flash for arm v6
    Google adobie flash for arm v7

    You will find the apks

    I cant remember what arm this device has
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