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  1. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    Wow, there seems to be almost zero interest in this device from T-Mo users. The AT&T "anticipation" thread has about 1500 messages there are like 12 here in the "whereis" thread here. :confused:

    I was thinking of switching from AT&T (after well over 20 years) to T-Mo because I like their version much better. I'd be giving up a 25% discount on AT&T which would be slightly made up by the lower cost plans.

    The T-Mo release is on 10/12 for those who may not be aware. See my post in the other thread.

  2. SwervFusion

    SwervFusion Member

    Its odd ain't it? I'm super hyped for this phone .. there's been a lot of news as of late which is good. T-Mo announcing the phone is going to be released early is great (even though the timing is bad for me).

    I had to go to the Sprint store today so I can handle the phone and check it out. Its amazing how light the phone is. A little scary when you pick up the phone and think to yourself that somehow this device will cost you $100 per oz. (retail price). But still looking forward to it.. I may go back and check it out again, but today I got frustrated that Sprints Network was SOOOooo slow...
  3. eroz

    eroz New Member

    Got the phone on release date, so far it has been great.

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