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  1. jomjohnson

    jomjohnson New Member

    I was thinking about picking one of these up, but it seems as though I may be the only one. Looks like a pretty solid phone for the price, and I prefer a smaller screen (currently have the optimus s). So what gives? The reviews I have seen all seem to have positive things to say about it. Anyone else looking into getting one of these? Or maybe the better question would be why are you not getting one of these?

  2. brobin

    brobin Member

    I'm thinking about returning the Photon 4G I picked up a few weeks ago for the Conquer. I like the smaller size and lighter weight and the Photon has already died and has to go back anyway so I may as well go for it. I played with one in the store today and it seems fast and smooth. I know it's early but I hope there's root for it soon.
  3. jomjohnson

    jomjohnson New Member

    I too am awaiting root. I really think this could be a great phone for the developer community with it's almost stock version of android. To me though it most likely will need the support of developers to succeed, especially with samsungs track record for issuing updates.
  4. nicktheqwik

    nicktheqwik Member

    The reason there is no love for the Conquer is because it is the dorky nerd who is dipping his toe in a pool that is full of naked playboy models having a massive water polo orgy. The market, heck even Sprint, is flooded with phones that are faster, have bigger screens with much better resolution, have much more internal storage, better cameras, longer battery life, and can be had for the same if not cheaper prices if you know how to work the system. Its specs are mediocre, at best, and this phone just came out pretty recently. I wouldn't expect it to have a huge following. And I say these things with the utmost respect, it appears to be a solid phone for the price. Hell think of it this way, it's light years better than all but one of Metro PCS' phones. (Galaxy Indulge):D
  5. Phr3d13

    Phr3d13 Member

    I think there should be more love for this phone, its a good "budget" 4g phone. Definitely faster than any of my friend's android phones. :)
  6. jakemonO

    jakemonO New Member

    picked up a Conquer on Sprint for free last week. Love the form factor -its very pocketable, which is a big deal for me. Seems quick, solid and understatedly handsome. Virtual keyboard takes some getting used to -the screen may be a touch too narrow although iPhone manages better with virtually same specs. Swype, though, seems to do the trick for me.

    former Palm Pixi owner
  7. prjktdtnt

    prjktdtnt Member

    Conquer is getting some love, head over to the All Things Root portion, there's a link to the new ClockworkMod recovery there!
  8. aboatright

    aboatright Well-Known Member

    and new roms

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