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Why no vibration?

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  1. drmrw

    drmrw New Member

    I couldn't help noticing that there was no mention of the watch's ability to vibrate. If so they really missed out on something. How great would it be to set an alarm and the watch vibrate discretely? Guess there wasn't room! One more thing, anyone know if you can view the time by simply holding the watch horizontally and turning your wrist or something to that effect that uses the accelerometer? I know what a pain in the butt it was to do hit the button on my ipod nano watch. Or do you just tap the face of it to see the time. I know it's a lot more functional as a watch if you don't have to use your other arm at all to see the time.

  2. slatyford

    slatyford Well-Known Member

    You can view the time as you discribe so no probs there.
    Vibrabe is in the settings so might work. Only just recieved the watch so still "playing"
  3. slatyford

    slatyford Well-Known Member

    Only one alarm clock at present and that hasn't got a vibration option
    I would have thought that more apps will launch in due course that will take advantage of the posdibilities of this watch
  4. 1xsculler

    1xsculler Member

    Mine vibrates. Just being able to answer your phone without fumbling around in your pockets or purse only to finally get a grip on your phone only to find that you have hung-up on the call makes this a device I will never go without. Now I have to dive into all of the other things the Gear will do.
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  5. slatyford

    slatyford Well-Known Member

    You have the option of vibrate or sound but not both. Hopefully this will be available after a firmware update

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