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why ram only 176mbSupport

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  1. djzame

    djzame Member

    When i purchased the phone i knew that it had 256 mb of ram but when i checked with ram manager it said that i have 176mb of total ram what i going on???

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm not familiar with your phone but I'm guessing the missing ram is allocated for the phone's internal use.
  3. djzame

    djzame Member

    i thought that too but from these 176mb i only have available 70-80mb. the other mbs are consumed from the programs....so after all i purchased it with 256 in mind and then i find myself with 70-80mbs in the best situation....thats a bit unfair.. i am sure ther is a way to unlock all the 256 mbs.. plz help me forum
  4. djzame

    djzame Member

    Is there any way to have all 256 mb of ram??
  5. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    The short answer is no.

    The sonic has 256 MB of RAM ( Random access memory used by the LINUX based android operating system to operate the phone. )

    and 256 MB of Storage. ( Where the operating system and programs are stored.)

    You then have the ability to add a Micro SD card for additional storage.

    Linux and thus Android does not handle RAM the same way as Windows. Free RAM does not necessarily mean better performance in this case.
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  6. djzame

    djzame Member

    ok i understand....thnx mate ;)
  7. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    how to fix "low on space", when it appear, then the phone get slow :(

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