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  1. Billybaldin

    Billybaldin Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Ok so I know I could search and stuff but there are a few on here whos advice I respect so I am going to ask here and see what happens.. 1. How to install themes. Do I need to root? Or just install some sort of home app? 2. I am running 2.2 Incredible right now so is there a need to root?
    Is there a root available for 2.2 yet? I aminly just want to get rid of the bloatware. Not sure if a root offers more than that.

    As you can probably see I am totally clueless here. I need someone to talk to me like I'm 5..lol

    Thanks for any help in advance. I really do appreciate your time.



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