Why root?

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  1. Lus7

    Lus7 New Member

    Hey, i'm really not the smartest guy when it comes to technology, but it's come to my attention that you can modify your phone by rooting it.

    I've seen people who have flashed different lock screens on their phones, but beyond that. what are the benefits to rooting your phone?

    I'm considering getting a Hauwai g300 and I hate the homescreen/lockscreen.
    Is it possible to flash new ones on?
    where do I even start looking?

    thanks guys

  2. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Well, if you hate the homescreen and lockscreen you can download new ones without rooting. Personally, I like go locker and launcher pro. But, if you want to root, a good first step is to google 'root huawei g300'. But, if you just want a new homescreen and lockscreen you can do it without rooting.

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