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Why samsung galaxy note stopped suddenly while trying to turn on camera through camera icon?General

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  1. arnabs

    arnabs New Member

    I have got a new phone ( galaxy n700 with android gigerbread as OS) 11 days where apparently everything seems to be okay
    until the phone stopped twice when I tried to turn on camera by touching camera icon. Both times I could nt start the phone through powever
    button, however had to press Volume+power to turn on the phone. Could you please advise
    if this indicates any issue with the phone and if this needs to be taken back to the retailer or
    require any furher checking.

    So far i have nt used the phone too heavily apart from listening some songs/watching viderso, play temple run game , watch
    few youtube videos etc.

    First time when the issue happened battery was at 20% while second time battery was at 72%.

  2. arnabs

    arnabs New Member

    Additionally, I he checked camera earlier and it seeesm to work other times..taken few pictures and seems to be okay except those 2 odd issues so far when phone gt switched off
  3. tom tibando

    tom tibando New Member

    My Galaxy Nexus camera has stopped working. I get a message saying gallery not working. The gallery does work, the camera does not. I have tried using the settings/apps/all/gallery/cleared data. Nothing changed. Please help.

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