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why so many galaxy s2's

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  1. jasonrhoads

    jasonrhoads Member

    I'm newer to android. Got my ASUS tf 700 this summer and now I'm going to android for my handset. I'll be moving to Straightalk prepaid and they offer a galaxy s2.

    I've been watching google shopping, amazon etc for pricing to get an unlocked s2 but have found many different varieties (skyrocket, gt 19100 etc)

    What do all the types mean? will 4.0 be available to all of them?

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    The S2, if any device would be considered, is possibly the most popular Android Device. It was a game breaking device and since it is such, Samsung has continued to mass produce many different types of this device to keep it alive and keep making the company money.

    Here is a good comparison, and yes 4.0 would be available on both

    Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket
  3. jasonrhoads

    jasonrhoads Member

    Great comparison! I'll start looking around at prices.

    What about used devices? I know there is a buy/sell part of Phandroid but how do I know what I'm getting in a used device?
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I would suggest to contact the seller/distributor of said devices, that way you have an idea, I would also suggest to look at feedback from other buyers from him.

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