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Why stock web browser consumes so much RAM?

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  1. kitu34

    kitu34 Active Member

    My browser takes lot of memory when using and it keeps increasing.I know it closes itself when i hit the home button,but what if i have to use springpad or any other cloud service or anything which also consumes a lot of memory.I have seen springpad and stock browser using 80-100Mb each.As it is springpad is so slow that it responds after after 5 seconds of clicking,and it either crash or lag.i can't wait for the browser to close at these times so i have to kill it.
    Now browser has new functions and products by google,i just saw it.That's really good but i fear it will consume a lot.I used these today for the first time but after a while i got a warning sign that my browser memory is full.Now what is this?Though i cleaned browser history etc.

  2. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Try a third party browser from the market. I recommend opera mini as it is really good. :)
  3. kitu34

    kitu34 Active Member

    i already have that but why everything from the market?what are these smartphones for?
    Yeah opera is awesome,very fast.but watching images is not easy in that,to see the next image instead of scrolling right i have to go back and select the next picture but not in stock one and now google has added few apps as well and so i don't have to install from market and congest internal storage
  4. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Well try and delete cache from the web browser. :)
  5. The CRT GT3

    The CRT GT3 Active Member

    Deleting the history doenst help u decrease the amount of size occupied in ur phone. Try to delete the cache and history together. Usually if there is 30Mb of storage it will be:
    History: 3Mb+
    Cache: 27Mb+
    Then kill all the apps by using Task Killer.
    Try it, it works for me
  6. smalldroid34

    smalldroid34 New Member

    Dolphin with jetpack addon is nice. Fast clean smooth, my favorite

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