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  1. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

    How can I get the call log to not show every single call. If I have 12 conversations with a single person, it shows it 12 times vs. just having that person show once with the ability to view the history. You have to scroll through tons of calls making the log almost useless for me. Or is there a free app that addresses this?

  2. Caker188

    Caker188 Well-Known Member

    Are you running 4.0.4? On mine it shows one for each incoming and outgoing. if more it shows (2) for incoming etc.
  3. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

    Yep 4.0.4 and I have a couple from my dad going out and some coming in and that is for each day.
  4. pinkybrain

    pinkybrain Well-Known Member

    Anyone? This seems crazy to me. I have to scroll through dozens of the same person to get to others.

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