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Why thine Fascinate Car/Desk dock blows thee...Accessories

  1. larry0071

    larry0071 Well-Known Member

    (In following post, I am assuming that the X and the D2 are very similar if not exact, thus making all +1 Droid 2 determinations also translate over to the DX.)

    So yesterday I ran to the local Verizon store after calling to verify that they finally stock the Fascinate Desk and Car dock. I got both of them as well as the Motorola Droid 2 desk and car dock for my son.

    Motorola - WIN
    Samsung - EPIC FAIL

    Here is what you would notice between the two.

    +1 Droid 2 - The Droid 2 has a car and a desk dock home screen that is triggered by the magnet in the dock. The Samsung requires that you hit the HOME KEY to actually activate the dock mode.

    +1 Droid 2 - The Droid 2 allows multiple swipe-able home screens on the dock! Samsung has one single dock screen.

    +1 Droid 2 - The Droid 2 allows the end user to add/move/remove apps and widgets to the dock home screens. The Fascinate is so full of SUCK here it is insane! The fascinate does not allow any end user adjustments of the applications displayed on the dock screens, rendering the entire experience useless.

    +1 Droid 2 - With the Fascinate you can not place Google maps on the car screen, nor can you in any way get to it while in the car dock. So you only can access Verizon Navigator (Absolute bull crap) and Bing (The stripped down worthless version with no voice guidance). You must un-dock the phone, go to the standard home screen, activate Google Maps and once your all set with destination re-dock. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE HOME KEY! If you do, you have to un-dock and pull back Google maps and re-dock.

    +1 Droid 2 - You can not place a Pandora or any other shortcut on the desk dock. You get exactly what some idiot at Sumsung decided he would want on his docked home screen, and nothing can be changed. What absolute idiot forced this locked screen into the system should be hauled out back and shot. Nope, you can not long touch to change shortcuts, you can not hit the menu key, you can not go into settings. You get what the idiots ordered, and nothing else.

    Now realize that by simply making the dock home screen adjustable, most all of the Fascinate shortcoming vaporize! How this happened is beyond me.

    As for the Samsung Car dock, fit and finish as well as structural integrity are fantastic. The lack of cut out for the camera/video is an oversight that a dremel will fix easy enough.

    +1 Droid 2 - The Samsung home/desk dock kind of sux because again the volume keys are on the bottom and not able to be adjusted while in the dock! Are you kidding me? The Droid 2..... you guessed it, totally accessible!

    +1 Droid 2 - Again, the point about the non end user adjustable home screen fits here. You may be like me and not give a crap about the voice search, the photo album, or anything else they force on your dock screen. You may wish for a Text widget, email widget, Internet widget/shortcut, or a link to IHeartRadio.com application.... Nope. You can not have this! Your tied to the stupid and useless junk on the Samsung home screen!

    So, here is the point of the rant.... Yea, I love my Fascinate and have NO DESIRE to carry my sons Droid 2, but I want my Fascinate to have the function and adjustability that the D2 has!

    Does root allow these things to be changed? This is unacceptable.... I must find a way to make this all work, or I'll end up passing this thing to Ebay and go buy a Droid X. I can not take this, I have been wanting these dang docks since I got the phone, I finally drop $70 on 2 Samsung docks so that I can make my phone more useful and I discover that the docks are USELESS!

  2. Halcyon

    Halcyon Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree. The dock implementation on the fascinate is less than desired. Good thing the rest of the phone makes up for it. :)
  3. larry0071

    larry0071 Well-Known Member

    That's an understatement! I'm actually very "butt hurt" over how bad it is.
  4. Halcyon

    Halcyon Well-Known Member

    There's a cream for that. ;)
  5. larry0071

    larry0071 Well-Known Member

    Does root overcome these horrible short comings? If so, this situation alone is going to be my root-reason!
  6. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    I have few of the Desk docks for the Fascinate. I can agree with all of these issues really, and I would echo the poster's thoughts on its shortcomings. There was definitely a lack of forethought on some of it..

    I suppose whether this dock is worth it to a user as it is, depends on your docking needs I suppose. I had the original Droid and liked the dock much more. The newer Droid docks seem even better. However I am still satified with the Samsung one, it does what I need it to (Big night clock, alarm, charges, etc). I don't need more than that. Again, others want other things from the dock.

    One point to note though. I am sure you realize that you can get to all other apps just by hitting the "home" button (not the Capacitive Home button) within the dock app. But in case other members weren't sure x). See the pic below.

  7. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    Bought two car docks and a desk dock. After reading about them and their hardcore shortcomings, I returned them. They're both VERY fail.
  8. larry0071

    larry0071 Well-Known Member

    Yea, I got the desk dock for use at work, thinking I can leave it on my desk and have access to incoming personal email notifications, incoming text notifications, have quick access to Pandora/IheartRadio and be able to bounce in and out of the web browser as well as Vcast video. But I wanted the nice/professional interface so that it looked more like a desk clock and information center than a phone.

    Alarm clocks are generally set it and forget it, I don't need faster access to something so trivial, voice search is a dumb thing for me as I am setting at a desk with a PC in front of me! Gallery, I do not want to set here poking at my photos, now MAYBE a automatic randomized slide show would be kind of cool..... Music, again, it is only fixed to the internal MP3 music, not the application I personally need/want access to. Daily breifing, I can take or leave it....

    If they allowed you to long click and change out the tiles with apps in the phone, it could be personallized to be the most usefull dock screen for each person. The fixed dock screen is just so full of epic fail that it is insane. Each user has thier own way of using the device, each of us would have a unique dock set up. The Motoroloa Droid2/DroidX allows the end user to make the dock screen into a personal interface designed by him/her. They thought it out.

    I really hope Samsung sees this thread and reacts to it.
  9. Mean Sixteen

    Mean Sixteen Active Member

    Root can take care of the software stuff. My phone has no sign of bing or any bloat on it.

    I am not sure why you can't get to your volume buttons. I have no problem with this with my car dock.
  10. larry0071

    larry0071 Well-Known Member

    On the car dock you can get to the volume, on the desk dock you can not.

    I'm resisting getting the root until I get 2.2 or 2.3 (whatever releases first), and then I'll look into rooting the thing to clean house a bit and make it my way.
  11. Mean Sixteen

    Mean Sixteen Active Member

    That does sound dumb to me.

    I am planning on getting the desk dock so i guess i will be using audio manager while in the dock.

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