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Why? :/ this is why gameloft sucks.Support

  1. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    Okay so I just got this as my second android and I go to download mordern combat 2. When I open it, it requires a download so naturally I download. Failed once so I atempt again as a success. I go to play it and everytime it errors.:( I tried transfering it to phones internal mem. But it didn't do anything.

  2. mugen

    mugen Member

    same thing happened to me with dungeon hunter 2 says the game cant validet .
  3. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    Its ridiculous . Boycott? Hahh at least give my money back a holes://
  4. XperiaTACO4G

    XperiaTACO4G Well-Known Member

    I would contact gameloft. They've been known to help customers before...
  5. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    I did I'm waiting for another response.
  6. mrcrusha829

    mrcrusha829 Active Member

    I would delete the game source on your SD card and redownload. It should be in the Gameloft folder.

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  7. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    I'll try, ill get back too you.

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