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Why two forums?General

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  1. isdoo

    isdoo Active Member

    Surely this forum and the hero forum should be one as it is the same phone - would hate to miss posts due to their being two forums for the same phone.


  2. topcheffer

    topcheffer Active Member

    I second this. Forums should be merged into just the HTC Hero forum. Thanks a lot T-Mobile for being annoying.
  3. dale303

    dale303 Member

    I can see you point but there are one or two specific issues relating to the T-Mobile G2 Touch that might not apply to the HTC Hero.

    For example, with the upcoming release of the updated firmware, will the HTC one work or do I need to wait for T-Mobile to do their own version?

    I also noticed my voicemail, etc., was already configured andthere's the Web & Walk app.

    My personal preference would be a sticky at the top of the page to inform people that the Hero forum would be a better place for most queries but leave this site available to comment on any specific differences.
  4. isdoo

    isdoo Active Member

    but I have an unlocked Hero on t-mobile - so which forum do I use ;)
  5. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    I read this forum to check I've not missed anything but tend to 'hang out' in the Hero forum. :)
  6. unknown-singh

    unknown-singh Active Member

    you should add both forums to your "favourite forums" and then jump between the two to stay updated. generally most things will be the same, only really software updates and some settings, differ between the two.
  7. zace66

    zace66 New Member

    Well I bet the Better Keyboard works on the HTC G2, whereas it does not work on the T-mobile G2, so there is one difference... :)
  8. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    HTC G2 does not exitst :/

    I think that Hero, G2 and Sprint Hero should all be combined.

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